• Yes it makes it safer

    The driving age should be raised to age 18. This is because there are a lot of accidents happening among teens. If we raise the driving age then when the 18 year old is learning to drive they will be more mature and less inclined to get into a careless accident.

  • Driving Age Should Be Raised to 18

    Yes, the legal driving age should be raised to 18 years old. Teenagers do not yet have fully developed brains and minds. As a result, they often feel that they are invincible. Because of this, they often drive recklessly. If the driving age were raised, wrecks caused by teens would lessen.

  • Yes, the driving age should be raised to 18.

    I believe that the driving age should be raised to 18. I think it would greatly reduce the number of accidents young people have because they would be more mature when they start driving. Studies have shown that a teenager's brain is not fully developed and one reason they make such poor choices. Raising the age of driving would give teens more time to mature, both physically and emotionally.

  • Raise the driving age to 18

    Yes, I personally think that the legal age to operate a car should be rasied to eighteen (18). Young drivers are not careful and most try to impress their friends. They are just accidents waiting to happen when you pile a bunch of new drivers in a car, they don't seem to follow driving rules as well.

  • Driving age

    Yes, I personally think that the legal age to operate a car should be rasied to eighteen (18). Young drivers are not careful and most try to impress their friends. They are just accidents waiting to happen when you pile a bunch of new drivers in a car. They don't seem to follow driving rules as well.

  • Adults only

    It's all too common I've seen a pack of high school kids nearly cause an accident and the one at the wheel is laughing about it. The driving age needs to go up to an age that there's a better chance that new drivers aren't going to find it legitimately funny when they almost hurt somebody. We'll still have problems and all 18 year olds aren't mature either but they need to be given a chance at some point, you can't just raise the age forever.

  • It could improve some high school student grades.

    Teens aged 16 and 17 concentrate more on driving than their regular studies like homework, Reviewing for the test, Etc. This creates a negative impact on their grade. So if the age would be increased teens could not only concentrate on studies but also any activity that they want to pursue in future

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  • The Driving Age should be raised to 18

    The driving age should be raised to 18, because the leading cause of death among teenagers is car crashes, and it would increase responsibility of teens. About 3,000 teens are killed in car crashes each year, and this number is increasing. These crashes need to stop. GOD BLESS AMERICA THROUGH THESE ROUGH TIMES!

  • Yes it should be raised to 18

    I think that the driving age should be raised to 18 because of the less accidents teens could have. So teens could have more knowledge about being behind the wheel or with a person so they cant get in a accident. That is why i thing it should be raised to 18

  • It really should stay 16.

    Age makes no difference in how good you'll be at driving so like everyone else is saying teens will have to rely on there parents to much
    and if they start when they are younger they will be more experience when there older. And the reason they crash more often is because there less experience.

  • NO it should not be raised

    The reason being 16 year old's are less busier than 18 year old's. Also 16 year olds are gonna have less crashes because they drive more safely because they dont want their license revoked. Also they most 16 year old's have stuff they have to go to and maybe the parents are busy who is gonna take them no one so they can also drive themselves

  • They need to start at the age it is recommended

    Just because teen are driving unsafely dose not mean we should ruin it for other people teen that are crashing that's there fault for their actions they decided to drive the way they did! And if they do drive unsafely they should get their driving tooken away because of their actions.

  • They would have less experience

    At the age of 16 you can remember things more easily than when you are 18. When your 18 they would learn less and might have a drinking problem. Even though, I'm 11 and I don't drive I can still think of why there would be a reason of why more people would say No than yes.

  • No driving age should not be raised

    Since teens already are driving already. If the driving age was raised then all then teens will have to go through the stage of getting their license again. They also really on cars to get them to school or jobs if a law was passed then their parents would have to drive them or they have to walk and that taking time out of the parents day. They might have a job to attend to but if they have to drive their kids around then they might be late for their jobs. And responsibility is a big one if they're not responsible then decline their license, wait until they're ready.

  • It should not be raised maybe even lowered

    At the age of 15 teens are going into highschool and become way busier and its to hard for their parents to handle. Plus it would be to hard for transportation like taxies or subways that some towns don't have, its also very unsafe. Not all teens are immature or stupid that's a harsh stereotype. Lowering it is more helpful than raising it

  • NO teenagers need to have fun

    Alot of people say that 16 year olds will make alot of accidents happen but that is why you teach them and it is not only the teenagers it is also drunk drivers,texting it could be 30 years old so i say no plus they need a car to go to school work everywhere

  • No it should not be raised to 18

    It shouldn't be raised because there is so many children looking forward to driving at 16. I think it should stay where it's at. We just need to instruct the kids on better driving. That's why they call it your sweet 16. So lets keep it that way. NO NO don't raise it. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • Teens should be eased into driving

    Ive been dong my research on this, and ive read that people think pushing off the driving age will make it better. But it WONT. If teens were starting to be taught at 14-15, by the time they reached 16 they would have two years of experience. Plus, with their newly earned license, parents wouldn't have to chaueffer their kids everywhere.

  • No, 16 is good

    People who argues yes to this usually use maturity and driving accidents to support their arguments. Both however can be rebuked. The first is generalizing that most 16 year olds are immature kids who like to be reckless, whem I for one was not that way. Sure that alone does not rebuke it, but one, I know plenty of other 16 year olds who have gotten their license at the same time and aren't reckless, two, no matter how old you say, there will always be someone who will be immature. I, being currently 18, know many immature 18 year olds who recklessly drive. The second point people make is accident rates, yes there is a lot of teen accidents, but I can assume this is due to either one, immaturity, or two, not enough experience. I don't need to go into maturity again. So how does one get experience? Through practicing and actually doing. If we raise the age to 18, all of a sudden, we lose 2 years of time where they could have gotten experience and are now at 18 getting it. Don't you think we would run into the same problem? Of course we would. There are a lot of situations in driving that requires experience to get through and honestly, the earlier you get it, the better.

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