Should the driving age be raised to 18 for teens to prevent wrecks?

  • Yes will allow for more practice

    Raising the age to get your license to 18 is a very good idea. It will ensure the person is at least a bit more mature and has more behind the wheel training. Even if this cuts down on wrecks by 1% it is worth it. I think you should get your permit at 16 and your license at 18.

  • Legal Driving Age Should Be Raised

    Yes, the legal driving age should be raised to 18 to prevent accidents. The mind and brain of a teenager are not fully developed. Teenagers often feel as if they are immortal and that bad things cannot happen to them. As a result, they tend to act recklessly, and so raising the legal driving age would prevent many wrecks caused by teenagers.

  • It wouldn't matter

    A 16 year old could be more mature than and 18 year old and vice versa ya know soooo like stereotyping an age group wouldn't do you any good. Also saying that you should raise the age by 2 more years is unnecessary because both ages are inexperienced so it would be bound to have car accidents

  • The driving age should be 15

    Because 18 years is really rough. If the start in 15 years old they will be smooth and drive safe not like other people. Also they should could learn more when they are small age. If they are old they will not learn and would be silly and they would drive really fast and would make a damage on the car

  • How will 2 years prevent wrecks?

    I really do not see how raising the legal driving age just by two years is going to help prevent car accidents. The bottom line is, accidents happen manly because people are driving recklessly or not paying attention to the road. Not just 16-17 year old kids are guilty of this.

  • Teens Need To Learn

    The only unfortunate thing about driving is the fact that it takes a while to really get it down. It is not all about how you operate the car, it's how aware you are, and how you drive defensively. I think it is important to start this lesson between 15 1/2 and 16 years of age. I believe raising the driving age to 18 would be a mistake, because as it is, teens are learning under their parents guidance. If you wait until 18, teens may be learning to drive as the pull out of the driveway headed to college.

  • Raising the driving age to 18 will not prevent wrecks

    Teaching teens how to drive responsibly and giving them more chances to practice their driving skills would be a better tactic. Refresher courses for adult drivers would also help as well as keeping track of the possibly diminished skills of elderly drivers. Stronger punishments for distracted drivers would be another detriment to distracted driving. Permanent loss of driving privileges for those arrested while driving under the influence would also be a grand way to prevent wrecks.

  • The driving age should not be raised to 18

    There is no explanation for the driving age to raise an extra 2 years just because you think there will be less wrecks. The age is not what causes wrecks but it is the driver themselves that do it. There are more drivers above the age of 18 that cause more wrecks than that of teenage wrecks. Teens just need to pay attention and be more responsible, just like adults need to do the same.

  • No it shouldn't.

    As long as a teen is taught how to drive properly they will be just as much of a safe driver as someone older. What it really boils down to is education and experience. If someone is not properly educated, they will be a bad driver. If they lack experience, they will be a bad driver. Age is mostly irrelevant.

  • No ways ho zays

    When your neighbor robs the bank you don't go to jail... If you take away driving for 16 year olds that would be like taking away freedom that could use to get to places on time with no struggle. If one teen crashes or makes a mistake, why would the rest of the teens be punished as well. Study shows that car crashes aren't caused by age difference and immaturity, they are caused by lack of experience. The reason why the age group car crash count is so high when it comes to teens is because the don't have experience. That doesn't mean they are immature

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