• Yes, it should.

    Yes, I do believe that the driving age in the United States should be raised to 18. I think that many teenagers are still too inexperienced and immature to be behind the wheel. Perhaps a learners permit could be given at 16. Giving kids an extra couple years to learn to drive would be very beneficial to them.

  • no, it should not be.

    I know that at the age of 18 you are considered to be an adult but, emotionally and physically, there usually isn't much of a difference between the two ages. There is a much larger change between 18 and 21. I think driving tests should be much harder, though. It teaches responsibility.

  • Kids are responsible.

    No, the driving age should not be raised to eighteen, because most sixteen and seventeen year olds can drive responsibly. The kids can drive appropriately, and if anything, they are even more cautious at a young age. They should also be able to learn while they are still living at home, so parents can help

  • No, I don't think the driving age should be raised to eighteen.

    While it is a highly discussed issue I think the driving age should be maintained at sixteen years of age, many people that age are working and need to be able to have a mode of transportation to get to and form their workplace, I think more drivers education should be made available but I think the age should stay at sixteen.

  • The driving age should not be raised to eighteen

    It is my opinion that the driving age should not be raised to eighteen. I feel that the current standards and practices regarding procuring a license are adequate enough to screen out any driver that cannot follow the necessary safety rules of the road. I believe that most sixteen year old drivers are competent enough to receive their licenses.

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