• Yes i agree

    They are not matured enough to control a vehicle,and most of teens are irresponsible.Kids become adult at 18,so their license also should be get at 18.In our country almost all rights of an adult starting from age 18,so this is also started from 18.So driving age must be change to 18.

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  • Older is much better

    A lot of teenagers are very careless, it would be okay for someone under eighteen to drive with someone over twenty-one, because they are with a hopefully mature adult, but even some adults are careless like teenagers, which gives us plenty more reason to move up the age because even some of are adults are just as careless if not more, so I believe it depends on the person, whether they are forty-nine, twenty-one, or sixty.

  • Yes, older is better.

    Driving is not a right that children should have. Anyone under 18 might be able to drive with an adult present, but no one should be getting a full license until at least 18. Young people do not realize that they are going to hurt or kill themselves or others with careless moves.

  • The driving age should be changed to 18.

    The driving age should be changed to 18. I think this would only be a benefit to those drivers that are already on the road. Many kids are not mature enough to be able to handle being able to drive. I think 18 would be a good age to start being able to drive.

  • Teens Should Focus on School, Not Status

    A 16-year-old should be focused on getting a basic education, not driving for a status privilege. Sometimes, teenagers are just too immature and too inexperienced to drive. With all of the pressures put on kids these days, driving is just one more stressor. Students can get a ride to work if they need to.

  • Yes, the driving age should be raised to 18

    A lot of 16 year olds that get behind the wheel shouldn't be, regardless of what the driving test says. Once it's them and their friends they want to show off, they aren't attentive, they're unintentionally dangerous and not only do they not care, they think it's hilarious. Obviously there are exceptions to this rule, but not enough to make me anything but 100% for the driving age going up.

  • Yes Changed to 18

    The driving age should be changed to age 18. This will create a universal age which makes sense. It will also ensure that all drivers are mature enough to drive and cut down on many of the un needed tragic accidents that seem to occur each year killing teenagers in the world.

  • Let em drive

    Driving has never been about whether or not one is an adult; it's about maturity and safety. While teens arguably have a higher accident risk rate, insurance companies take that into consideration. Parents ultimately should have final say in their teenager's "right" to drive. But, it should be acknowledged that there are many good teen drivers and many legitimate reasons why it is important for a teen to have the ability to drive.

  • The driving age should not be changed

    When you get to be around the age of 16 you star to mature, and be more responsible. There is no reason to try to change the driving age because being responsible is something very simple to do. I think that when you turn 16 teen you will be responsible enough to drive.

  • It would harm the economy to do that.

    Two long standing rites of passage in American culture have been getting your drivers license and getting your first job. Considering that you often can't get the latter until you have the former, and that the economy might suffer from making a large part of the workforce immobile, we should keep the licensing age to 16.

  • 16 is fine for now.

    Me being 26, it obviously won't make a huge a difference to me whether or not the age of driving changes or stays at 16. However, I see nothing wrong with it being 16. Most young people at 16 should be a Junior or Sophomore in high school and it will teach them responsibility.

  • The driving age should not change

    There is no reason to change the driving age to 18 because driving is something that is very simple to do. It does not take a lot of concentration to focus on driving and at 16 teens are already capable at doing this task. If you are thinking they cause too many accidents or are neglectful then you don't notice that there are many more adults that are worse than teens.

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