• Well, it's a long story...

    The other day when I was driving, I was going to meet my friends at Moxie's for her 30th Birthday, I almost got killed! I know it seems weird but it's true! I am a single parent and I don't know what my kids, age 7 and 15, would do if i die. Well, back to the story, I could see Moxie's and I was so excited. Now this wasn't just a Birthday Party, it was a Welcome Home Party. I haven't seen my two best friends in FOREVER. Sorry, I ALWAYS get carried away. So I was turning into the parking lot, and it was free. I knew, since it was late, there couldn't have been any careless drivers. So, I was almost into the parking lot and a convertible with some 17 year old college kids blaring music and acting drunk, well they were drunk and so the bumped into my car and the party was ruined. (Well there was a lot more to it but that's a long story short because now I have to take my 7 year old to Brownies and my 15 year old to dance)

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