Should the driving age of countries be decreased?

  • I believe it should be lowered

    I believe the driving age should be lowered so you can start getting your L's at the age 15. It would help alot like this weekend mum has to drive me all the way to mudaring so i can do shooting practice for the RAAF cadets. Now if i was 15 and had my L's i would be able to drive myself and mum can stay in bed at 6:00AM.
    Plus if we got our licence at a lower age it would give the government a lot more money cause more peoplewould be getting there licence, so then the government wouldn't have to take so much money of schools

  • Yes they should!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First of all, Drivers ed teachers will paid more to teach more kids how to drive. And they can make mini cars for kids to drive. And a special lane for kids on streets and highways. Parents wouldn't have to drive kids to there friends house and don't have to drive them to sports. We can drive are self's to school.

  • Depends on the country.

    I know most of the people here live in United States, where the driving age is low enough, but as a resident of Malaysia, which only allows teens to drive at 17, I think it would be better for us to start at say, 15 or 16. Our parents are busy enough without having to drive us to school. Plus, many people have no time to prepare for driving tests as the government exams are on the same year.

  • Ages of 16-18 are Appropriate

    The driving age in various countries should be somewhere between 16 and 18. Sixteen is almost too young for teens because they have plenty to worry about already. The age of 18 is almost too old because at that age, people can vote and join the military in the United States. If there is to be eventual worldwide unity, one aspect of that can be a similar driving age worldwide.

  • No It Should Not

    I know in the United States the driving age is 16 and those that drive between the ages of 16 and 18 are the ones most likely to get into an accident. I believe the current driving ages are good as they are, because it gives kids a chance to learn while still with their parents. I do not believe it should be lowered because we would more than likely have even more accidents.

  • Driving Age of Countries All Right

    Most countries shouldn't even entertain the idea of decreasing their driving ages. A lot of countries allow people to drive starting at 15 or 16 years-old, which is the correct driving age. Therefore, these countries don't need to change such laws because they mix safety and a decent driving age together.

  • No I think it is fine where it is.

    I am sure that different countries have different driving ages, so I can only speak for America. I think that overall it is the perfect age. A teenager at 15 or 16 is mature enough to know that driving can be dangerous. I think any younger would be dangerous for everyone.

  • The driving age of countries should not be decreased.

    The driving age of countries should not be decresed. This is because the driving age is already quite low. The driving age that is set also shows that a large amount of the people driving at this age are irresponsible. Lowering the driving age would only make this issue worse, as younger people are more likely to be irresponsible.

  • 18 is a good rite of passage

    Responsibilities and awareness of environment and others, placing yourself within a complex eco and social system in a present and consciencious way is something that happens gradualy and is a question of growth and life experience. In most cases it does take humans to grow fully into being responsible citizens around the age of 17 or 18 which is when the age limit is for driving. And this should be kept that way for that reason.

  • I disagree because operating a motor vehicle is extremely dangerous

    Operating a motor vehicle is extremely dangerous even in perfect conditions and I believe that drivers at young ages would not be able to pay attention to all of the variables involved in driving. I don't think that ages should increase unless they are under 14-15 which is what I consider the youngest age I would feel safe as a fellow driver.

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