• Yes of course!!

    I agree because the Japan will not surrender so US had to drop the atomic bomb and the us citizen did not know how strong it was and it was super powerful. Japan thought that there was only one so they did not surrender so us had to drop the second one and third. Finally, the Japan surrendered!!!

  • I think this act was justified

    When I saw the site for the first time,I was surprised.
    Some of American people think the atomic bomb shouldn't have been dropped on Japan.

    Dropping the nuclear weapon made us aware of the menace of it.
    So,apart from Hiroshima and Nagasaki ,no one has ever dropped another atomic bomb.
    Recently,many countries are trying to remove all nuclear weapons.
    The world is becoming more peaceful now!

  • Marilyn Quinn Miller

    I think that it was a great idea to drop the atomic bomb because it was needed to stop the leader because he didn't surrender and it would destroy the industrial factories. It did good for us and even though it hurt other people it was better for us. S

  • Yes and no, mostly yes

    The "civillians" you were talking about did take part in the war. There were also sizable military garrisons in the cities where we dropped Little Boy and Fat Man. Also, like many of you said, they were essential to stop the war. Even though there were some true good people there, it was a good spot to drop the bomb. A lot of the crying from Japan is just propaganda.

    Posted by: SBDM
  • The Japanese bombings were required to end the war.

    The dropping of the atomic bomb on the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were completely justified. The war culture of Japan meant that they were willing to fight as long as there was even a remote chance of victory. By demonstrating that we could wipe whole cities from their maps without a single troop setting foot on their soil was the only reason they surrendered.

  • Yes, it should.

    I don't believe that there are many or perhaps any cases where dropping an atomic bomb would be justified in today's world. This is especially true now that we know the kind of devastation it causes. I definitely do not believe that any country should have the ability or the power to drop an atomic bomb on their whim and should have a good reason for it.

  • Yes, dropping of an atomic bomb can be justified

    I believe that the dropping of an atom can be justified when circumstances are of such high relevance that in order to get rid of a certain evil or bad existence can help the totality of a society. I believe its justifiable if a certain area of the world is experiencing an epidemic that has a chance of infecting the whole world.

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  • Yes it should have been dropped.

    It should've been dropped but i think that the second bomb should not have been dropped because it was extra and not necessary. The first was necessary because they had to do it to end the war for good. The second one though was just unnecessary and it didn't have to be done.

  • Bombing of axis powers

    The Japanese were part of the Axis, and had a tradition of no surrender, the bombing of japan was not the only problem at the time, we had Italy and Germany at the time we did conventional bombing so, with bombing of japan already proved it self to stop enemies in their tracks, then the US decide to that the atomic bombs would bring them to the negotiation table, well we had a attitude of not wanting to invade due to the landings in the pacific, plus evidence of women and children training to kill G.I.S

  • No, it is too damaging.

    No, the dropping of the atomic bomb should not be justified, because there are too many other ways to deal with conflict today. The atomic bomb causes large numbers of civilian deaths. These are civilians who have not done anything, and who do not even agree with their country being involved in a war. The military should find other ways to solve conflicts.

  • Yes, I think the justifications outweigh the reasons to not have dropped the bomb.

    Although it was atrocious it wasn't far off from the rest of WW2. Pearl Harbor for example was a loss for the U.S. but we just retaliated with more firepower. Some innocents died but it was needed to end the war, more may have died if it hadn't been ended.

  • Can you justify causing long lasting damage?

    Most bombs of that time may have be able to level a city in numbers but none of them caused the long lasting effects that the Atomic Bomb did nor did they only need one to cause so much destruction. Not only did it vaporize people but it also caused birth defects that can still be felt today.

  • How is it justified?

    I really don't see any way there possibly could be to justify American dropping an atomic bomb on any country. I think it would make us guilty of doing the same thing to a country that happened to us on 9/11. Far too many innocent people will die or be permanently injured.

  • Use of atomic weapons should not be justifiable

    Use of atomic weapons should not be justifiable as the deliberate killing of civilians should never be condoned. Atomic bombs should not be a weapon even considered unless there has been a zombie outbreak or a plague release which would be stopped or contained by the use of an atomic bomb.

  • Atomic Bombs Not Justifiable

    I do not believe dropping atomic bombs can be justified. Atomic bombs create mass destruction to everyone in a certain radius and also hurts the environment. I do not think that much destruction can be justified because it hurts everyone. Killing innocent people can not be justified to appease the desire to drop a bomb.

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  • It killed millions of civilians.

    The bomb at Nagasaki alone killed more than 4,000 people and injured 6,000 people. How many do you think that the Hiroshima bombing killed/injured? This is not including the people that were affected by radiation and traumatic injuries. The total would be more than 20,000 civilians killed/injured.

    No. Just No.

  • No dropping bombs on countries is wrong

    I strongly believe that the dropping of the bomb was terrible. Even though they were at war they should have never dropped it. Thousands of kids and adults died because of the atomic bomb. Inoccent people died in cold blood ,this is our cry this is our prayer peace in the world

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