Should the duration of the school day be increased?

  • School length should be increased

    The length of the school year is in its current form due to America's farming past, and is an anachronism. The US should have school all or most of the year, with a few weeks-long breaks throughout as vacation and a school day that begins later. Summer vacation means September/October is spent catching children up, and is a pure dead weight loss in education.

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  • Kids that need extra help.

    Kids that need extra help and not enough hours to cover the curriculum and still work with students. Kids don’t have the opportunity to have art and music class because it takes too much time out of their day. So now by adding in time they can both work with students and have art and music class and extracurricular classes. "We knew, as we looked at the root causes of why our children were not succeeding, that we just didn't have enough time in the school day," says Sheridan superintendent Michael Clough.

  • Longer school days because

    Less need for homework because you will have more time to work on it at school
    It would give kids time to finish their school activities such as finish writing an essay, test and some work.
    It would be easier for the parents because, they would have to leave work at 3 to pick up their children and drop them off at home so they might not have time to make enough money.
    In America the total time spent in school a year is 1,170 and most of the time is not spent in a classroom.

  • Absolutely! Our nation needs it.

    How is this nation going to keep up?

    We are falling behind in education.

    We need something revolutionary. Let's recognize a few things. As technology increases and things become more complex people should actually know how these things work. So some basic engineering should be put into the curriculum. As well some basic medical science should be put into the curriculum too because people should know their own bodies.

    And we need to get people to have some understanding of computer programming.

    Doing this we could launch our nation far ahead. But we'll have to lengthen school days and likely have classes going into summer. With classes into summer then we can split the school year up into 3 or 4 more easily rather than 2. With enough of the day devoted to school we may even induce a studying ethic in students that may persist for life.

  • Longer school days

    There have been many debates over whether or not the school day in New Jersey should be lengthened. On Tuesday, January 14th, Governor Chris Christie announced that he wants to lengthen the school day. Having longer class time means that a lot more stuff will get finished that might have not because there was too little time. The school day should be lengthened because help kids with bad home life, students struggle a lot in school, and keep us occupied and out of trouble. Why rush through class time and not let the struggling students learn?
    First of all, the school day should be lengthened because it helps the kids with a bad home life. With longer school days kids with a bad home life can get the support they need at school.
    In addition, the school day should be lengthened because there are a lot of students who struggle in school. If school days are longer, kids have the chance to understand their curriculum better.

  • Longer School Days are Detrimental

    Students don't need longer school days because longer days could be detrimental to their overall health. Schools already start early in the morning when a teen's body isn't necessarily ready for such early activity. Likewise, six to eight hours per day at school is taxing enough on the mind and body. No school district should consider extending the duration of the school day.

  • No it is wrong . For students that the school duration will be increase

    I think school duration should not be increase because child also need rest because of study they can't able to do other activities. Like taking classes of dancing singing , tycoon do, etc. They have their own goal in life that they do in extra time when the school duration increased then they can't archive and do practice for their goal . Even teachers have not enough time for their families they travel to spend time on them. Children and teacher also have their own life behind study . So at last I think that school duration should not be increased

  • Brain pressure for teens

    Teens brains aren't as experienced as ours. They wake up early in the morning, get dressed, eat breakfast which some kids don't even have time to do. Kids go to school and zone out after an our of school, how are they supposed to stay focused for more hours and learn?

  • Wastes so much time,no more to waste

    When we go to school it already takes almost more than an hour to reach and after such a long journey it is so very hard to concentrate and the say they want to increase the no. Of hours at school.The level of boredom rises so high that children take many days off school this again wastes their time

  • Kids need their family time, Family comes first.

    Some ids get perfect grades, which means they don't even need to get tutors or help. You can get tutors that work for only one hour. Thats ok. Kids need to excsersice, have fun and be able to get socailized. Traping kids in that room forever, puting things into their heads, pressuring them too much. Even teachers need personal and family time!

  • Too much time already

    Children should have less sch Longer school days are harmful for your personal health because if students stay in school for longer hours, then they would not have enough time with their families, which would cause them to grow distant from their families.
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    ool because it will make them become tired and loose concentration

  • No way hose'

    I dont like school already. If we have so long of one, some of the population of the kids might die of boredom. Honestly if anything, school should be shortened. Also we already have online schools that u could do on your own time. This is why schools that go past 3 o' clock suck

  • School days are long enough already.

    There is no need for the duration of school days to be increased. Children these days go to school for 6-8 hours, come home, and spend 1-3 hours doing homework. Making the school day longer will just make things worse for children. Instead of making the school day longer, make it shorter!

  • Excessive hours are not effective for learning.

    Educational experts don’t know what they are saying about elongating school hour. Students need free time outside of school. Outside of school, Kids need to socialize and be active in playing outside. Statistics show that one third of Australia is obese. Experts believe that at school kids get bullied more often than outside. Who would want to get bullied? Optometrists say that people who study too much or stay inside will have eyesight problems in their lifetime. So why make kids study too much?

  • Excessive hour is not effective for learning.

    Educational expert don’t know what they saying. Student need free time outside the school. Outside the school, Kids need to socialize and active in playing outside. Statistic shows that one third of Australia is obese. Experts believe that at school kid get bully more often than outside. Who would want to get bully? Optometrist tells people who study too much or stay inside will have eyesight problem in their lifetime. So why make kid study too much?

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