Should the earlier reformers like John Wycliffe and Jan Hus be more emphasized in histories of Protestantism?

  • They provide guidance.

    Yes, the earlier reformers like John Wycliffe and Jan Hus should be more emphasized in histories of Protestantism, because they can provide a road map. It would be hard to understand the reformation without understanding the logic of those who got us there. Studying Wycliffe and Hus can provide some insight as to the principles behind the revolution.

  • People should know

    People need to know where they come from and where their history comes from, and there is no better way of truly knowing a lot about religion than to study the history in addition to the holy books. History of religion is valuable in explaining why things today are certain ways.

  • Yes, people like Wycliffe and Hus should be emphasized in the history of Protestantism.

    I definitely think that early reformers like John Wycliffe and Jan Hus should be emphasized more in the histories of Protestantism. It is clear that both men had an impact in the history of Protestantism. Their beliefs and idealogies were both significant in the history of the concept of Protestantism.

  • Reformers are emphasized enough in the histories of Protestantism

    I think that the early reformers are emphasized enough in histories of Protestantism. Wycliffe and Hus are important parts of the current course of study. But increasing that emphasis will lead to the devaluation of other areas of Protestant history. There is only so much attention that can be paid to a certain area of history without leading to the neglect of other areas.

  • No, these early reformers are recognized enough.

    The history of Protestantism recognizes many men who laid the groundwork for Martin Luther and early reform to the Catholic Church. Men like Jan Hus and John Wycliffe are noted for their contributions. They are written into history. Their work established a theoretical groundwork for the entire movement. However, while Martin Luther is given credit for beginning the Protestant movement, history books often acknowledge that he merely wanted to start a discussion and not a revolution.

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