• Yes, because the people of Cuba are suffering from the economic embargo.

    The people of Cuba suffer from the economic embargo, suffering lesser economic opportunities and growth from their isolation from trade with the United States. If the United States truly cared about the well being of Cuba's people they would lift the economic embargo and pursue other ways to help soften the dictatorship in Cuba.

  • Yes, it is about time to lift the embargo on Cuba.

    There may have been reasons to have an economic embargo on Cuba 50 years ago. However, we are in a new global economy. Cuba is close to the United States, and many Americans have found ways to travel there and purchase things from there. We need to be making Cuba an ally rather than an enemy at this point in time.

  • Lifting the Cuban Embargo would be a mistake.

    Does it better serve the interests of the United States? No. Europe, Latin America, and Canada have been actively trading with Cuba for decades, each with a promise to bring prosperity to the island. But all it's done is line the pockets of the dictator. Most of the Cuban economy is owned by the Castro government and all foreign trade is channeled through agencies that support the regime. For example, all foreign companies must pay wages in hard currency (dollars or euros) to the Cuban government, and from those wages the state pays in local currency (Cuban pesos) a small percentage to the individual employees. As a report by the Brooking Foundation described it: “If the firm pays the employment agency $500 a month and the employment agency pays the workers 500 pesos, over 90 percent of the wage payment disappears in the currency conversion; the effective compensation is instantly deflated to $21 per month.” Why should we support this?

    Posted by: JDuB
  • No, because Cuba is friends with our enemies.

    I know i wouldn't want to trade with someone who helps Isis, its almost the same thing with Cuba, because they are friends with Russia, and Venezuela. Who are not nice to their people, if we do lift the economic embargo than they can come in through Florida because they are so close. One of the governments jobs is to protect U.S. citizens, I hope they are doing that by doing what they are doing with Cuba.

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