• We need to stop spending on dumb and start getting a sum.

    Wars. Tea cup museums. New jets. Wars. Shipping resources away that we need importing resources we have. Wars. Bases overseas to choke hold the world with a vader death grip.. All this money could be used to stabilize our economy so we can spend on good things like carbon ission control fuel alternatives and space exploration. Not to mention an asteroid could hit us at any moment and we have so much sky to look at we wouldnt see it coming.

  • American voters should be concerned about the ecomony.

    American voters still need to be concerned about our economy. This November election is quickly approaching. We as a people need to band together, we need to study up on the candidates; we must present a more united from to our government, we must make our needs known. With record low voter turnout coupled with lack of understanding of politics, it seems like we are just giving up on our country. This can not happen! There are so many issues have presented themselves in the recent times that we seem to forget - above all we need to be healthy economically. Without a healthy economy, everything else will being to fall apart. Our resources will diminish. Our government will not function properly. Beyond that, it is a sad state when college educated people can not even find a job. Something needs to change. But it can not without your help. So neighbors, please do your civic duty, learn about the issues (all of them!) and get out there and vote.

  • Yes, help the economy, save the poor

    It is always a major concern for voters around the world, as the economy affects the richest & the poorest. People need to think about what is the best way to help the poorest back on their feet. A country is judged not by just the rich and powerful but should also be held accountable by its lowest denominator, the poor and homeless. So American voters should think & discuss the economy always & vote for whom they think would help keep the economy in the best possible shape for all the people concerned.

  • Yes, our economy will either support is or fail us.

    Americans should be very concerned about our Economy. Without a strong economy, we lack influence. Without influence, we lack power. While I don't care too much about being the most powerful country in the world, I do think we need certain amount of power in order to remain safe, and relevant. I also think it's very important that the people in our Nation be able to prosper no matter what part of the nation they come from. I just don't believe that is the case anymore. Growing up poor often means living poor.

  • No, the economy should not be American voters' top concern.

    The environment should be American voters' top concern. If we are not putting the Earth first, then it won't matter if we have a solid economy or not, because we will experience environment calamity and collapse. First let's repair the planet we live on, then we can repair economies and governments.

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