Should the economy of Japan be allowed to expand to include more military spending?

  • Japan Should Bolster Military Spending

    Without a doubt, Japan should consider increasing its military spending since it doesn't spend too much on such expenses. The country needs to be able to defend itself from foreign threats, which include North Korea. Fortunately, Japan's economy could easily handle an increase in military spending without batting an eye.

  • The economy of Japan should be allowed to expand to include more military spending.

    The economy of Japan should be allowed to expand to include more military spending. They should be allowed to expand and create their own military so that they can defend themselves in the future. I do not think it is right that everytime there is an issue it is the American military that comes to the rescue.

  • They can not be trusted

    Since they just bombed and started a war with the US only about 70 years ago, they should not be allowed to expand and make a huge military just yet. They need to be kept in check to make sure that they will not be able to be a threat for us.

  • WWII was a long time ago.

    Three generations past, and the world still will not forget that Japan was an aggressor in WWII. Germany has rebuilt, and has little in the way of sanctions left from the war. It is time to let Japan function as a sovereign nation that has paid its debt to the world.

  • Since the likelihood of nuclear war is unlikely, it's ok

    Japan can increase military. On the first hand you may think it's a bad idea, that they could start a war. But since you look at the culture of Japan as being very pacifist and anti-war, it makes sense that a defensive structure is acceptable, especially if China invades, or North Korea invades.

  • War is a pointless waste of Resources.

    Japan should not open a marge Military budget, but a small defense army is necessary.

    War is a pointless game of wasting lives and resources.

    Japan should focus its resources on foreign aid and its own people, not to point guns at the rest of the world.

    Japans doesn't have any military threats against it.

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