• Everything is just routine.

    Things taught in school today are useless and more of a waste of time than anything else. It's completely ridiculous that students are required to go to school five days a week, yet they barely learn anything that will help them in the long run. Schools should offer more choices regarding what field of work the student wants to go into, instead of requiring students to take a basic math class, then another math class that's only slightly harder, and yet another that is completely irrelevant to the skills the child will need for later in life. Today's school system does more harm than good just by causing major amounts of stress due to social anxiety, due dates, big tests, lack of sleep, hours of homework, etc.

    Posted by: slu
  • Our education system is very archaic

    When the current school system was introduced it was during the industrial revolution where they needed a highly unskilled work force with basic literacy and numeracy skills that would do as they are told.

    The 21st century is different and the world has different needs. I feel school needs to cater more to a wide variety of abilities and encourage more divergent thinking and creativity.

  • Needs to be improved

    Reconfirm the words of the hierarchy, conform to your environment, and listen to authority. This is the basis of today's public education system, it is utter rubbish.

    Public education really needs to improve, in general, all the students are being taught the same way, in the same environment, and mostly in similar subjects, which is utterly ineffective.

    Some students does not like a very social environment, some may be ahead in school, and some may be behind. In public schools students are forced to be taught in a specific way and environment, and that way only. This is very ineffective because it is not suited for all students. The student should be given more... Control.

    If the student were to be able to choose an environment they are comfortable with, and be taught in a way they want to, it will be much more effective!

  • The current system is wrong

    I have found at least 21 problems with that system, which include at least one for each aspect. As they suggest, the very method of "teaching" should be changed. I will post those tomorrow. Be forewarned, though, that one of them are personal, and you might not agree with it.

  • Of course it should!

    The education system currently is crap. It is teaching conformity instead of creativity. What will become of this generation? I am one of those fighting the spread of conformity in school. Recently I made a powerpoint that was different then everyone else's, which all looked the same. I weep for the future.

  • Education Should Always Evolve

    As society develops further into the future so does its education system. Education is the foundation on which a society develops because it teaches our future generations. Education is vital, especially for our young children; any civilization's most precious resource. Education always needs to improve to stay competitive with international rivals and the United States needs to answer that call.

  • 0% per cent

    I'm just saying no because it's a very stupid question. Which educational system? It's obvious that an improvement is always good. But which country are you on about? Can a question be more generic? No, it can't. I shall say no, because zero per cent is my way. My way.

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