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Should the educational system be considered a political problem (yes) or a cultural one (no)?

  • Yes, the educational system is a problem to be dealt with via politics.

    Yes, our political system should be dealing with the education system wholeheartedly. It's not a joke and we need to make sure our kids are protected within the future, and that they're moving into the future as leaders of the world. We do not have the means, culturally, to take care of the situation that presses our children nowadays.

  • Partially A Culture Problem

    I believe the educational system needs oversight from the government, without it, the system would cease to exist. It would be a commodity only afforded to the rich. I believe many of the problems in education are the product of our culture and our laziness. We all want the easy way out, but tha rarely works out to be a benefit.

  • It is not political.

    The educational system should be considered a cultural problem, rather than a political problem, because education will never be solved by politics. The only thing that the politicians disagree on is how much money to give the schools. Money, by itself, will never fix the schools. Schools are what their communities make them to be.

  • The educational system should become a cultural problem

    Parents and communities should take care of educating their children. The government should not be completely in charge of what our children learn and who they learn it from. Including children the cultural experiences and allowing them to grow and learn within their communities as a whole should be a primary objective.

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