Should the effects of Hilary Clinton's email scandal have been noticed sooner?

  • Yes. The danger for this scandal is underestimated

    This email scandal is larger than they make it to be. Let me remind everyone that these emails contained U.S. classified information not to be taken lightly. She could've sent these emails to a terrorist organization and we still don't even know for sure where they went. Hillary Clinton should be righteously prosecuted.

  • Yes it should

    The acts of Hillary Clinton cannot be justified at all. She used only a private email account, tied to an unsecured server at her home, to conduct government business while serving as secretary of state.This departure from protocol meant that her communications were not automatically archived, and were at risk of being accessed by hackers. At least the recipients of these e mails should have brought this to notice and stopped her from doing so.

  • Yes, the should have been noticed.

    If Hillary Clinton's email scandal had been noticed sooner it might not have had such an impact on the election. She probably would not have won the nomination, and Bernie Sanders may have been the nominee. This might have been a better outcome for the Democratic Party and the election.

  • I Agree Buutt...

    I agree with other commenters that Hillary should not be free of damage from this scandal. She needs to learn that she cannot lie to the people as Trump has done so frequently.

    I think that in the next few months the trustworthiness poll figures are going to change again- this time potentially swinging favorably in Clintons direction. This is due to the huge wealth of scandals and terrible things that Trump has done in the past... Such as when he refused to serve black and latino gamblers at one of his casinos, and when his wife reportedly was raped by him. Hillary would be a fool to not take advantage of these. Here are some quick sources:



    Posted by: Adlr
  • She is no different.

    Just because Clinton used to be the former Secretary of State does not mean whatsoever that she can have a way out. And since she is a woman too, that may have also led to the fact that she has not been charged in any way for her wrong actions. The government should have realized what she did sooner.

  • There's nothing there and the GOP won't give it up

    I'm not saying Hilary Clinton is a great candidate, but she's experienced, she's not a bigot and she understands how politics and the Constitution should work. Trump has zero clue on any of that, plus he's a racist, an egotist and a bully. That being said, the GOP wasn't going to let go of the Clinton email issue and did their dead level best to make it a scandal.

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