Should the elderly be required to reapply for a driver's license?

Asked by: emilyiscool
  • Yes, the elderly should!

    They might have diminished vision, hearing and reaction time. They need to reapply son they are safe and people around that elderly driver are also safe. Reapplying once in a while should make sure that that elderly driver can drive properly and also safely. This could prevent accidents from happening.

  • Elderly be required to reapply for a driver's license

    Elders should be required to reapply for their driver's licenses. Becues with age comes slower reaction time and the eyesight worsens. Over the age of 65 the chances of being involved in car accident while taking a left turn increase by 8%. According to a Carnegie Mellon University .“the fatality rate for drivers 85 and over is four times higher than it is for teenagers,” who are usually pegged as our most reckless drivers.
    Two examples,“include an 86-year-old man who drove his automobile into a crowded farmers’ market in California, killing 10 people. And in one recent year in Florida the U.S. state with the largest per capita elderly population, drivers over 80 plowed into a Chinese restaurant, post office and state official’s office.Millions of older drivers have never had so much as a speeding ticket in decades of driving. Many self-regulate themselves by driving less often and avoiding frightening high-speed highways. But they can still be a menace on neighborhood streets.

  • Yes drivers should reapply for a driving liscense

    Yes drivers who are elderly their senses like hearing,seeing,listing and watching are low and they could not listening,hearing,and watching so the drivers who are elderly they should be reapply for a driving liscense.So it is true i am in favour of this thing it iis absulately write and satisfai sentense

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  • Yes, but the law should be more expansive than that

    Absolutely they should be required to reapply, or be retested or re-evaluated, but this isn't exclusive to the elderly; it's not discriminatory. I say licenses should have to be renewed every 10 years or so, at least via a written test, if not a road test. As a driver myself, I often encounter situations on the road wherein I don't know what to do, but as I've never been in an accident or been in any serious trouble, I've not gotten around to figuring out what the correct, legal action is in, say, a U-turn situation. A regular re-test would encourage a higher degree of road safety, produce monetary benefits in auto insurance, and serve as an excuse for a decennary refresher course on the rules of the road for the driving public.

  • Yes, especially if they have medical complications.

    Some anecdotal evidence; my grandpa was recently driving with my grandma in the car and my grandpa blacked out behind the wheel. There wasn't an accident but they still took his license away. He still drives though, so I guess some old folks are going to be stubborn even if it kills them or others.

  • Should elders have to reapply for their driver license

    Just because they are getting older that doesn't mean that they don't know how to drive yes it is true that as you get older you start to lose your vision but that's ok their reaction time is probably better than most teenagers on the road because the teens are always looking at the phone and they cant tell when the light turns red

  • Elders can handle themselves, they're not bad drivers.

    I think that elders could reapply, but they shouldn't have to. They could have perfectly fine vision, hearing, and reaction time. Some people could have worse reaction time than elders. Teenagers think they're so cool, in their new cars, talking to their friends, playing on their phones, they could cause and accident just as much as and elder.

  • Let them drive

    I feel as if most old people know when they should drive and as well as that majority of drivers that get in accidents are the teenagers that are reckless and do not seem to care about the people around them generally meaning some people need to learn better driving skills where as elderly people are more focused and safer

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