• Yes, they are older and may accidentally be victims to abuse.

    Let's face it, elderly people are more vulnerable to deception. When it comes to prescription medication, the biggest risk that they face is being taken advantage of by someone who abuses these medications and if trying to get their hands on them. By education the elderly, we can teach them to hide the medication and we can also teach them how to take it properly so that they do not face any side effects.

  • Yes, they should.

    Of course they should, especially since they are the ones who take them the most often. A drug's harmful side-effects are more harmful on the elderly than they are on anyone else, and can sometimes be potentially deadly. So yes, this is extremely important to keep the elderly informed about prescriptions.

  • They can abuse too.

    Yes, the elderly should be taught about prescription drug related use, because they are some of the people who are most likely to abuse prescription drugs. Also, the elderly need to know to keep their drugs safe from people who might clean their house, or from grandchildren that come to visit.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe the elderly should be taught about prescription drug-related issues. The elderly are adults and the term elderly does not indicate an inability to understand. My parents are both elderly and they both, already understand prescription drug-related issues. A person should be responsible for their own knowledge.

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