• Exercise Benefts Everyone

    No matter how old and frail a person might be, there is some form of exercise that would work for him or her. The benefits of exercise are many, beginning with the brain, where it increases function and decreases depression. Depression can lead to dementia, so for long term brain health alone, elderly people should exercise.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe the elderly should exercise. If you sit all day you are bound to become immobile. Exercising for the elderly can be quite different from the exercise of a 20 or 30 year old. Often the time and effort to go for a walk is plenty of exercise for the elderly.

  • Elderly should exercise.

    Participating in a cardio exercise first thing in the morning will improve mortality rates. I'm not referring to running six miles every day. That is the common misconception relating to cardio exercise. Cardio can be anything that causes an elevated heart rate and possibly perspiration. Walking the dog every day counts as a cardio exercise. This will make for a healthier human and dog. It makes for a stronger heart and lower obesity rate. Since heart disease is the most common cause of death in the US, and can be prevented through cardio exercise, it's time the elderly stepped up and out for their health.

  • Yes, of course

    Humans were designed to move! Exercise is a very healthy part of living which people of all ages should partake in. Regular exercise is goof for cardiovascular health, your heart, blood, brain, weight; the works. (though of course over exercising can be counter productive, too much of anything can)
    I do not believe in forcing people to do things, such as exercise as everyone has different interests and schedules. However, I do believe that elderly, much like everyone can benefit immensely from regular exercise.

  • Exercising amongst the Elderly

    I think it's very important for the elderly to maintain a regular exercise regimen. The older we get the less limber we become, our muscle mass decreases at a more rapid rate. Maintaining a regular exercise regimen allows us to stay flexible and strong to help slow our aging and the ability to move around on our own. Regular exercise also helps to prevent injury. I feel exercise amongst the elderly is a great advantage in their health care.

  • Couch-Potatoe Grandparents Exist

    No! Exercising hurts and can give you a heart attack. Exercising can pull muscles, cause pain, and/or kill you. They like sleeping. Sleeping is a much much much better exercise than running. Or they could play a card game like Laughing Jack. That's it. Do you REALLY want to exercise now??????????

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