• It should be discounted

    It is safer for them to ride it than drive but they still have to pay some for their spot and to pay the driver so they should just be discounted. Like half off. Y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y

  • They should guys

    Once a upon a time, a grandma was on the bus paying her fee and forget that she lost her money at her granddaughter's house. She didn’t know what to do and had to go back to her granddaughter’s house, but she got lost, so she didn’t even know where she was and what time it was. This is why the elderly should get free bus rides. Of course, some people think that they shouldn’t get free bus rides, but what would happen to them if they had to get somewhere urgently and they forgot their money at their house, or at their relative’s house? If the government had a choice, then they should allow only elderly’s to get free bus rides.

    If the elderly actually got free bus rides, then it would help a big walk be a short walk. Imagine yourself forgetting your money at your house, which is exactly 10 miles away. Your doctor told you that you weren't supposed to walk for more than 20 miles a day. But today, you walked exactly 15 miles currently and you didn’t know what to do. You took the risk and after 5.1 miles, you collapses right there on the sidewalk. Now, imagine yourself going to the bus station, and you forgot your money and your house was 10 miles away. You have the same condition as the other guy (You can’t walk for more than 20 miles). Just then, the bus pulls up and just then, the bus driver say’s, “Go on back and choose a seat.” Guess how easy that would be instead of walking 35 miles, forward and back, forward and back. Since the elderly’s are 60+ years old, they would start having back pains or leg pains, et cetera. But to solve those problems, bus drivers could just be nicer and give the elderly free bus rides and just live with it. Of course, they would have to regret that, but what if they were having the same problems?

    If the bus driver’s also had the same problems as the elderly, then he/she would know how much pain the elderly would go through. With less money than regular each day and actually saving lives, bus driver’s would get more dedication than what they are getting now. With bus driver’s getting even more greedy just for money, they would only think about money for the rest of their life and have less dedication than what they are having right now. But instead of money, they could take less money and save more lives so that way, they would think about saving people more and more. Providing our senior citizens with free public transportation will encourage them to ‘make the most of it’ and will not be using their cars, which means fewer car accidents on our roads. Elderly people need the public transport, mainly because we need fewer of them driving on the roads to reduce the amount of crashes and accidents that have occurred previously.

  • They could get very sick and die.

    They need to get free bus rides because they could get hurt and not see there family any more. People make the Elderlies pay money to get on the bus and get home. I would really like you to vote and have them get on for free. Please vote yes for the elderlies to stay safe and get home to there families.

  • Yes the should

    The reason they should is because they need to see there grandoters and sons. Before they pass and also they will not have to walk and mess up there hip. It would make it very easy for them all they would be thankful and that is just one step bigger for them.

  • They should get free bus rides

    They should receive free bus rides because so every time if the walk outside and get tired so they could just wait for busses to get the free rides so they do not need to walk back to their homes and also they could visit. More of their daughters and sons.

  • It is better then having them behind the wheel

    If we do not charge the elderly for riding the bus then it will be easier for them to travel around and they will not have to spend there money. Although there should be a age limit for elderly. If they are older then fifty-five then they will not have to pay

  • Yes, i think this because we need to care for our self of course but, also about other people.

    This will help elderly people in health and also getting to places such as a appointment or to visit family members. This will also help by health and safety for these elderly people in many ways such as injuries. I think this will help a lot in many different ways. Care is number thing.

  • Free public transportation.

    I believe not only should the elderly get a free bus ride but everyone should. It promotes carpooling. Also, the elderly are dangerous behind the wheel sometimes. It creates a clearer, safer world. If states revoke their license, the elderly should have a way to get from place to place without relying on other people who may not have the time.

  • It's better than having them behind the wheel

    As someone who lives in a town with a high number of elderly retirees, I am in complete favor of giving the lot of them free bus rides for the rest of their life. It's not so much the environmental benefit of keeping those cars off the road, but the public safety benefit of keeping those drivers anywhere but behind the wheel. You just lose some of your faculties when you're a senior, and when that happens, you are a danger to the world when driving. Give them free bus!

  • They are still people

    This is not fair to other people that cant afford to have a car so they ride the bus. They have the same rights as us and should pay the fee. Its not to much to ask for a simple tip and fee. The bus driver still has to pay for the gas. Its not to much to ask for is it? NOPE.

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