• I do not see why not.

    If you are elderly and you want to use cosmetic surgery to resolve body image issues, I think you should go for it. Quality of life in your older years is very important. If there's any way to make people feel more secure, that should happen. Doesn't matter what age they are.

  • The elderly should not use cosmetic surgey to resolve body image issues.

    There is no purpose in the elderly using cosmetic surgery to eliminate body image issues, as it wont actually resolve anything. While it may be natural for one to have "issues" with the aging process. There isn't a living thing on the planet that can escape it. Rather,society should embrace and respect the benefits of old age.

  • Cosmetic Surgery for the Elderly

    I believe that Cosmetic surgery gives a falsified image to our society. Many celebrities use cosmetic surgery and give the youth in our generation the wrong idea about beauty. They give off the impression that beauty only comes along with pain and artificial matters. Each and every person has the ability to capture the real meaning of beauty. The real idea of beauty shouldn't be about surgery or lots of make up or going through extremes to lose weight.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe elderly should use cosmetic surgery to resolve body image issues. Surgery is dangerous and even more so for the elder, so trying to solve body image issues with this method is right down dangerous. Secondly, the elderly should seek mental health services to deal with their body image issues, if they are that bad.

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