• Democracy means government by the people

    Any electoral system that "dismisses" a single vote can be considered undemocratic. The electoral college (and all parliaments for that matter) should be replaced by a system that follows proportional representation in a multi-party system. Bigdave is correct in his concern about "tyranny of the majority" therefore constitutional protections should be given to minorities to protect from tyranny (as there already are). But this protection cannot materialize in the current form where the majority's will is not necessarily represented. Accepting and defending this kind of imbalance between the will of the public and the makeup of the government can itself be considered undemocratic or tyrannical.

  • Yes, We do

    The whole idea of the electoral college is unfair - it places more emphasis on 'swing states' than others, And allows for unfair representation. If 49% voted red, And 51% voted blue, The entire vote of that state goes to blue - not half and half. This results in the vote of the 49% being virtually left uncounted. In my opinion, The idea of democracy itself implies that the President-elect should be decided by the popular vote, Not the electoral votes!

  • No, Because the electoral college is essential.

    It is a compromise that divides power between the people and the states that is vital to our REPUBLIC. It also makes straight voter fraud harder, Meaning that other methods, Such as controlling the media, Must be used instead. It gives smaller states a voice too while encouraging coalitions. #538!

  • No, We need it

    If we abolish the electoral college the states with the highest population would elect a leader for all the other states. The representation of the smaller states matters equally as much to the states with a high population. If the electoral college is abolished, All of the densely populated liberal cities would decide the election.

  • The United States government represents the state’s not the people

    When the United States first formed each state was its own nation and was still considered to be so up until the civil war and some people like my self still see it that way but thats why we have the electoral college the United States government is a republic it is controlled by the states wich are democracy’s

  • No question about it. We need the college.

    All you have to do is look at the 2020 election. Without the electoral college, A candidate needs to only campaign in 12 states to win the popular vote. That is only 24% of the states. The electoral college "levels the playing field" between to high population states and the low population states. The college defends against the tyranny of the majority.

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