Should the electoral college be removed from the US election process?

Asked by: Space_Milk
  • People can go to poles now

    The American people need to have their vote count. The electoral vote overrides the popular vote and that isn't needed now .We don't need some one to vote for us that time has passed for people to gp to Washington and cast a vote for the people of his state. Get rid of the electoral vote and let the peoples vote count

  • 100% absolutely yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If we are going to vote as citizens, then we want our votes to count. We shouldn't be voting for a person we want to be elected when the winner is already predetermined by the electoral college votes. The system is unfair in this situation, so the electoral college should be and needs to be removed from the US election process. The winners need to be determined by popular vote. It's fair and it's simple. The process needs to be started like two weeks earlier to make sure that everyone gets to vote, mailed in ballots get returned to ensure that all votes are counted. This will also slim down the long waiting lines by extending more days into the voting system. I also feel that anyone who has a drivers license has a right to vote. This would include all school age children with a valid license. We are one country and needs to be governed by the best possible candidate who will put our country and people first and the more people who vote the better. This is our right to vote, and we also need to make sure that everyone gets to vote and that our votes count. The only way to do that is to 100% eliminate the electoral college voting system and to give people more time to vote. A few days is not enough time , with the billions of people in our country. Everyone one votes, all votes count, and all votes get counted to get the most popular vote to determine the winner and not predetermine like it's set up now. That's the past! Pave the new way for the future because the old way, is obsolete for our country and people. Change is always better but a real change that's going to work for everyone.

  • The electoral college should be eliminated

    The electoral college is an antiquated way of selecting the president that no longer meets the needs of the country. The system was set in place long before the modern era of communication made it possible for candidates to campaign nationwide in one commercial, changing the need to be responsive to different states. Anyone who RED the most votes should be the president, regardless of which state the votes were cast in.

  • The electoral college has outlived its usefulness

    I believe that every person’s vote should count. If you are in the minority party in the state you live in (except for a couple), your vote does not count in presidential elections. If we say that the Electoral College is the way the founding fathers designed it, then we also need to go back to a system that does not have direct elections for senators and does not allow women, Blacks, Native Americans or even non-land owners to vote. Let’s move on shall we?

  • Sure, but unlikely.

    Our system was first created at a time were most Americans weren't educated, and many couldn't read. So the system prevented rogue candidates from being elected, or so they thought. Now education is more or less free, so its original purpose isn't really valid.

    My only real problem with the system is that a North Dakotan's vote is worth more than a Pennsylvanian's. This is due to the fact that Senators are included in the voting process, giving equal representation. In reality, North Dakota ought to a single vote, not 3. Unbalanced more like.

    Abuses, such as voting for a different candidate than directed, has only happened less than 100 times, and there have been 56 presidential elections, with 538 electors in the College (3 for D.C., 100 Senators, 435 Representatives). Is it a problem? Yeah. But was it really that bad? No.

    It would be so much easier if we could do it one by one... But smaller states don't want to get rid of the system, so they can have more power than they deserve.

  • Members of the electoral college can be corrupted.

    Members of the college can and have been corrupted to a extent. The vote of the people is the only true vote reflecting the will of the people. In the past, the founders wanted the college because the uneducated person was, well what most of the population was made up of. But now, education is free and widespread, everyone is educated.

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