Should the embargoes on Cuba be lifted by the American government?

  • Yes They Should

    The embargoes on Cuba were something set up in a bygone era that means nothing to the next generation. I believe we should lift these embargoes and interact economically with Cuba, especially since our two countries are so close. It seems absurd to continue with the embargoes, given that the country has not been a threat for so long.

  • Communism Has Softened

    Communism in Cuba has softened over the past 50 years. Plus, Cuba's largest ally dissolved in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Cuba is just 90 miles from the United States and lifting the embargo will have an economic boost for American manufacturers and oil exporters. Fidel Castro is ancient and so is his brother--once they pass on, America should already be in a position to help the Cuban people.

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