Should the English language be mandatory in schools?

  • Yes, we need to communicate.

    Yes, the English language should be mandatory in schools, because it is important that Americans have one language in which they can all communicate. Most business and government services are conducted in English. It would be a disservice to students to not require them to learn the language that will allow them to find jobs.

  • Helps for Job opportunities

    Well its just that English is a universal language and is spoken in many countries. It is a medium by which we can communicate with different people of different communities, countries, etc . Who might not even know our language but english so, it will help us to work in a different country.

  • The english language should be mandatory in schools

    Global language is english these days. If students of other countries who do not use english as their mother tounge learn english, they will learn to submit better to the global society and also get a good job in their future. Many companies hire english-abled people these days. This is the reason why I believe the English language should be mandatory

  • English: The International language

    Yes, I totally in favor that English must be the first language in schools. It is not only limited up to the bussiness or jobs but it is also used world wide. Approximately 1-1. 6 billion people used to speak English in the whole world. It helps us to interact with foreigners. If you think that you would never used to go abroad so you will not face any problem. But my dear you will be nowing that in south part of India (states Like Tamil nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telengana) English is given the first priority.

    Thank you
    I hope U must be agree with me.

  • English is important

    It is better than knowing just one word. It is just good as learning lots of languages. So it is better than learning one language. I think renglish education shoule be mandatory in schools. So g o o d l u c k everyone mister and misissss s ss ssss s bye

  • Now a days english is the one language which is important to everyone to understand.

    English is mondatry in a schools. It is a klangusage which student need to lear and understand. We have to teach english in schools to the student for their better future. For the jobs english is most important because many companys hire the worker who know how to speak english and how deal with a customer.

  • English Should Be Compulsory Because:

    English is today's international language and is required in interviews for jobs where you need to speak English fluently. English also opens up a wide area of knowledge, especially in the areas of Science and Technology. The internet can be used most advantageously if the user has a sound knowledge of English. Like it or not, English dominates international trade, culture and politics.

  • Yes I agree

    I understand that people come from other countries but its america and school. Please speak english only, I always tell them to speak english only even if its considered racist I could care less. If they get offended its not my issue, They should just speak english like everyoe else.

  • It should be made mandatory

    This shold be important because in future english is necessary for jobs,interviews etc . If the children dont learn english they will have constant fear in it by the way english is not too difficult if you pratice it becomes easy & at the end you become perfect in it.

  • It is the language mostly used by more developed countries

    English Language is the language used by more developed countries like the USA because if you travel to such countries,English language is well advanced in these countries and it`s the language spoken in the schools of such developed countries.Even in less developed countries,English language is the language which is the most used language.

  • It is useless!

    Throughout all my years of being in English class i can honestly say one thing, it is completely irrelevant to what we should be focused on in school. All I have ever done since 5th grade was read a book, do an essay rinse and repeat for the rest of my school days. The fact that for the 8 years after 4th grade we never really 'learned' anything just gets me a little mad. I remember when sometimes I didn't have time to complete another assignment because we had to do an English essay! I mean come on people, if you aren't learning anything in English why do we have to take it! As a matter of fact i am sitting in my English class right now doing an essay and I got curious so i looked up why we have to take English class after elementary school and this was the first link i saw. I am actually very disappointing to see that the votes are split 50/50! For those of you that are saying that it is important just know that English from a general view is a complete waste of time which can lead to high stress levels in teens and cause them now to complete other homework assignments. As if the stresses of the constant schoolwork and the infamous 'Common Core' isn't enough, the fact that English is now considered one of the most important subjects is ridiculous! If we are so concerned about our kid's education and futures, why don't we promote that they focus more on math, or science? By all means don't think of me as someone who thinks English is the devil but after you get the basics it should be an elective class. Anyway I need to go get this English essay done before I move onto doing my calculus, biology, and Western Civilization homework. Please, everyone that voted yes read this and reconsider!

  • Eng language !!

    I'm from NEPAL and Public support Private School rather than government Based schools. Private or boarding schools provide better quality education than in government based schools.....And those children getting educated from Private boarding schools are said to be more INTELLEGENT......Bezause of the study of English language Learning.......But those who dont wanna learn English should not be forced

  • In life we need to know the symbolism of blue in a specific novel.

    The people who are voting yes, are probably already inclined in writing, for some people it comes so easy to write essays and create stories on the spot.
    Making English compulsory is completely unfair to the students who are applying for science/maths courses in university.
    English should be taught to younger ages who don't know the difference between a simile and an antonym. Not for students who do not need to know how to analyse the persuasive techniques in an article. How is that going to help anyone in a workplace (other than journalism or English teacher)
    English should be optional from grade 11 to 12, that way, students who want to pursue jobs that involve in depth knowledge, like the news station or something can chose to pick English.
    Not for students who want to become maths professors or doctors.
    And don't say ''You need English to know how to speak.''
    We already know how to speak well enough to an extent to converse with society.
    If English is compulsory, maths should be too, we don't need a world where people don't know what the rules of 0 are.

  • Students should not have to do English

    I believe no one should have to do English in secondary school because it is not worth doing it and it is really boring and makes you really tired and it makes your head hurt a lot and you would have to buy a lot of tablets to get rid of your head aches

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  • Not every career uses the advanced language

    We do not need so much steps on writing paragraphs because not every job will use that, it should be a non required class, like if you want to take it, then you can take the class. English is one of the reason most kids fail High School and do not get to go to a University

  • English should not be mandatory.

    I understand the benefits of English at lower levels of education. It helps students structure sentences, use proper grammar, and have an overall better understanding of how the language works. But when you reach higher levels, you are not taught anything new bur rather graded on your ability to write. Its unfair to force students who aren't artistically talented to draw, but where is the reasoning to force students who have limited capability of writing to be tested on such things like essays and stories.

  • Studying English at higher level (Scotland) should not be compulsory

    The level of English at higher is useless unless you want to be an English teacher. I'm all for everyone learning to read and write, but I fail to see how poetry analysis is any help in later life. I really struggle with this side of English and I'm much better at maths and sciences, but to do a science course at university, I still need my higher English. I think this is unfair as I'm getting about 90% in my maths and sciences but might not get into uni because I can't write a brilliant critical essay on Shakespeare.

  • English language should not be mandatory in schools

    In our society right now, we should always encountered schools whom their students were using English language at all times. But let us think first, though English language is the universal language, we should not force the students to speak this language if they are not comfortable in it, and besides,English language can be learn if students is interested though it is compulsory.

  • No it should not be mandatory!!!

    By the time we are in grade 11 and 12 we already know how to speak and write in English, so why should English be mandatory? English as a course/subject has nothing to offer for students wanting to go into the field of math, science, etc. If English wasn't mandatory students who want to go into the field of math for example could use that extra time to prepare themselves for university/college, but instead they are forced to waste their time analyzing a novel (or piece of writing).

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-15T17:41:29.407
It is already the default language in the world and english speaking and english influenced nations. If one wishes to succeed beyond their local, regional, and national linguistic and cultural boundaries, then english is a necessity. There is no need to enact laws to make it official, or to force schools to teach it since it is already the default language of the world. Any school that has the ultimate goal of fully informing, enligntening, and empowering their students will also teach it by default. Any student that would deny its importance on the world stage would be robbing themselves of a worldly education.