Should the entire world adopt a Psycho-Pass-style justice system if the technology were to be available?

  • By identifying mentally unstable and antisocial individuals, law enforcement personnel could apprehend and treat or execute them to prevent them from harming innocents.

    For those not familiar with Psycho-Pass, it is a science-fiction anime series that takes place in a future where it is possible to measure people's likelihood of committing crimes through a supercomputer system known as Sibyl. This likelihood - calculated by their mental states, stress levels, and intentions - is quantified into a number called a Crime Coefficient. A high Crime Coefficient indicates a high likelihood that an individual will become a criminal, while a low Crime Coefficient means that a person is mentally stable and virtuous enough to function in society. By installing scanning devices capable of detecting people's Crime Coefficients in populated areas, it is possible to find and arrest latent criminals before they hurt or kill anyone. Those whose Crime Coefficients are beyond safe limits are asked to seek mental health treatment and are taken into custody if they refuse. Those whose Crime Coefficients are high enough to indicate that they are beyond rehabilitation are executed on the spot. It is because of Sibyl that people can enjoy a much lower crime rate and a safer and more peaceful society.

    To give an example of how much societies worldwide could benefit from such a system, consider the recent stabbing incident in Berkeley, California. (http://www.Berkeleyside.Com/2014/08/15/assaulted-woman-what-did-i-do-that-made-you-want-to-murder-me/) The perpetrator, a man who had been afflicted with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia since birth, had stopped taking his medication and attacked a woman on a bus without any provocation whatsoever. In our current mental health and law enforcement system, he was allowed to freely roam the streets despite the fact that he mentally unstable and incapable of refraining from harming people, thus leading to this unfortunate incident. Under Sibyl’s judgement, however, his high Crime Coefficient would be detected by public scanning devices and trigger a law enforcement response, leading to him being apprehended and treated before he could hurt anyone.

    The world in general, especially the United States, desperately needs a new law-enforcement system like the one featured in Psycho-Pass. As it stands, we don't have the technology to calculate people's Crime Coefficients. If we ever manage to clear this hurdle in implementing this system, there will likely be legal hurdles due to concerns of the system being a violation of people's right to privacy and fair trial even though Sibyl would be capable of distinguishing between people who are unstable and antisocial and people who are sane and upstanding members of society.

    TLDR version: Our current justice systems are incapable of preventing people from being hurt and killed by criminals. The world needs a system capable of identifying good people and people who are evil and/or unstable so that the latter can be treated or executed before they do any harm to innocents. If a Psycho-Pass justice system were to be a reality, it could very well lead to safe societies and a higher quality of life for people worldwide.

  • It's not what Cap would do. "I though punishment came after the crime."

    Psyco-Pass presents an interesting, and immoral premise. The entire show shows just how immoral it is in the very first episode. A woman who's been raped and almost murdered has her mental state collapse to the point where she'd be willing to kill. The system determines that she's OK to kill at that point to "better society". It's understandable to normal people why a Rape victim might want to brutally murder her Rapist.

    The entire point to the series is to show that you cannot reduce crime, and punishment down to black and white data analysis.

    Cap would stand against this.
    OP would stand against this.
    L would stand against this.
    JC would stand against this.
    Mahatma would stand against this.
    Buddha would stand against this.

    No moral, and ethical being would ever support such an absurd concept. It's like siding with Light Yagami, Dexter, Megs, Red Skull, or the Devil.

  • Nonsense. Ridiculously unfair

    Note that this is assuming one will commit crime based on "mental state, stress levels, intentions" - what about free will? One may harbour thoughts on harming others (we've all been through that phase), but it does not necessarily mean they will act on it. This system justifies the killing/capture of innocent people just based on the ASSUMPTION that they WILL kill when they haven't even done so! Forget the invasion of privacy; it's a severe violation of human rights. And let's look at the example of the stabbing incident: are you implying that anyone with mental disability/impairment should be taken into custody and promptly exterminated? This makes your argument no different from endorsing genocide.

    On a side note: is this a troll poll?

  • Nope. There's a reason they're called latent criminals.

    It's because they haven't actually done anything yet. Hence the word latent. You're going to arrest someone before they do anything based on the fact that they exhibit a behavior that is in common correlation with criminals? Such behavior is also in common correlation with geniuses, innovators, musicians, artists, and so on. People will show higher psycho-passes when they get extremely passionate about something or they love something very much, too. Should we arrest them along with everyone else?

  • This would be a complete reversal of innocent until proven guilty; And Besides that Criminality Rarely has anything to do with mental health

    Crime comes down to a person's choice. What we need to do is hold people responsible for their crimes but also have a criminal justice system that makes recidivism lower. Countries like Finnland have more rehabilitation-focused prisons and have lower rates of crime and of recidivism.

    Mental health rarely has anything to do with it. The mentally ill are statistically more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators. It's just that the media emphasizes incidents that involve mental illness, and do so so much that people have started assuming it is involved in comments on news stories where nothing was stated to that effect.

    I don't understand the desire to blame mental illness for every heinous crime. I much rather prefer to blame the criminal and hold him and his choice accountable, not some illness. And surprisingly you get comments blaming mental illness that from people who are otherwise angry and upset, not people who are saying "oh the poor perpetrator had issues..." If you're upset why not take the position that there is no illness and the perp is completely responsible for their own actions?

    They don't seem to understand that they are making it easier and more appealing for people to commit crimes and blame it on mental illness. By commenting that someone must be ill in response to news stories they are communicating with the general public and hence making it more likely for future jurors to be swayed by insanity defenses.

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knu says2014-08-17T14:03:18.970
I'm surprised that this many people on this website has even heard of "Psycho-pass".