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  • Forcing people to give up their money?

    For ones and zeros? Ones and zeros are measurements, but they aren't measuring anything! It's just thin air! Wake up and smell the reality bit coin owners! You've Ben scammed! If I made a bunch of word documents filled with just ones and zeros and sold them for 5$ a pop, saying they are "backed by gold, (gold bigots in mine craft)" then my new business wouldn't get far as everyone knows I couldjust write more word documents!

  • Bitcoin's uncertainty and non-regulation would make for risky transactions

    The average person's familiarity with Bitcoin is probably limited to the occasional news report explaining the black market usage of the unregulated digital currency or its association with online drug supercenters like Silk Road. With just this in mind, a worldwide switch would be a very risky move as we'd essentially be introducing a hereunto unknown currency, the likes of which most have never seen anything like, that can very easily be abused by the knowledgeable minority of thieves. Moreover, its current instability could very easily translate into financial chaos for many people who, without much knowledge of what they're doing, purchase too many at once.

  • Bitcoin Can't Even

    Digital currency is the way of the future, but we are not currently ready. Plus, Bitcoin takes weeks to process and transfer my transactions here in the United States. I do not think we should use a private sector sense of digital currency. They could turn and control us any day. Example, the Federal Reserve.

  • No, that's a terrible idea.

    I think a world currency in and of itself is a terrible idea, but Bitcoin would be my absolute last choice if we had to switch. A virtual currency is very hard to keep track of and not get stolen as shown by the thousands of people that lost their bitcoin in a scam.

  • No, we should not all switch

    I think that there would have to be much more research and also use of Bitcoin before you could say the whole world should use it. I would be worried about the safety and also what it would do to financial markets around the world such as the Stock Market. I don't think it these economic times something that needs to be done.

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