Should the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) be abolished?

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  • No, the EOC should not be abolished.

    I believe that the Equal Opportunity Commission should not be abolished. There needs to be a commission to make sure that equality is ensured for everyone, male and female, black and white, etc. Without the EOC I would worry that there would not be equal opportunities and there would be segregation and unfairness in the workplace.

  • The Equal Opportunity Commission should not be abolished.

    The Equal Opportunity Commission was estimated with the essential purpose of ensuring the fair progression of every single citizen within our country, regardless of race, age, sex, sexual orientation, or disability. While we may believe that times have improved, and everyone is playing on a level field, that is unfortunately not the complete case. Therefore, it is imperative that the EOC remain in operation and they continue their mission against injustice.

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