Should the Equal Rights Amendment be passed? (US)

Asked by: Naraka
  • The fourteenth amendment ensures equal protection under the law.

    According to Quincy Railways v. Chicago (1897), every state must follow the bill of rights and every amendment after that. Like the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Equal Rights Amendment will empower the fourteenth amendment and allow women to do things like get paid in an equal amount like men do.

  • Of course it should be.

    There is simply no legitimate reason to deny women equal rights; the state's rights argument is just plain offensive. If it were to be passed women would be better protected from discrimination and be able to serve in all military roles. Also, it will protect women from the religious right that seeks to destroy all progress feminists have made in the past fifty years.

  • Why not? Is USA Confederate?

    USA is supposed to be the land of the free; land of opportunity and of rights. God, equal rights should have been enshrined in the constitution long ago. Why are you opposing this? Are you either so narcissistic to believe yourself better than others based on your birth? No one has control over how they are born. States rights blabber again? I acknowledge the merits of that policy, but if a state decides to breach civil rights, then frankly, we'll soon need another Abraham Lincoln. I am and have always been an egalitarian to the core, and the equal rights amendment would bring to the US an element of security for minorities. Let me recite a passage from the Declaration of Independence. "We hold these truths to be self evident, that ALL men". See the ALL? Men should probably be changed to humankind, but it's a pretty good document. But what the heck, don't pass it and let's burn America's democracy and meritocracy.

  • Land of the free is it not?

    Honestly, why hasn't this passed? The rights of half out population should go over " State Rights ".

    How is this against anything? A amendment securing rights of women, what is wrong with that?

    Why shouldn't one be passed? Give me one legit reason, and I will look it over.

  • I am not sure why it hasn't been passed yet.

    It seems as if it would be an important step in the goal for equality within the United States. No individual on the basis of his or her skin color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. should be denied the same rights that other groups receive. Infringing on individual rights does not reflect the constitutional goals of this country.

  • Infringes on States Rights and Cancels out Current Progress with Women's Rights

    With the passing of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) it would strip away many of the states choices for their own legislation. Example States would now all have to have the same definition of "sex" and "equal rights". The defining of sex can be a complicated argument that can affect many niche groups. As for equal rights what would equal truly mean? Would any reprimands be made against men or would more laws that benefit women arise?
    Also once you pass this Amendment you effectively destroy all benefits that women currently have. These benefits that many a woman has fought to achieve.

  • I am the best

    I don't want things to be equal, I always get free ice cream when I go to the ice cream truck. I don't like this lack of entellegence because I want to be the best there ever was. To catch them is my real test, and to train them is my cause.

  • Women Are Equal.

    I'm from Meadville area highschool and we have been talking about the era and i personally think that women are already equal, its just a matter of men treating women equal. Women can do everything a man can do believe me i see it in my own house everyday. Its up to men now to treat women equal but we cant just arrest every man who doesnt think women are equal

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