Should the estimated 1 million Druze people be given their own homeland from parts of Israel, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon?

  • Self Governance for the areas already under their 'control'.

    If what the Druze is really asking for is self government for the territory that they already consider their homeland and not to take from anyone else, then that's fine. Admittedly give and take to set the geographical boundaries will require negotiation with neighbouring states (especially if natural resources are at stake) and allowing non-Druze already in the territory citizen status - that's the hard part. De-colonialisation of the British Empire ranged from very messy (some countries are still stuck in messy stage), to orderly administrative hand-overs. Which ever way it went I'm sure both sides are probably 'happy' that's it's all over (even if messy countries still want to blame all their problems on colonialism).

  • The Druze deserve a Homeland!

    The Druze have been persecuted for decades by Arab aggressors in countries like Syria. Israel is currently the only country where they are doing well, and I'm glad (I'm Jewish and have U.S./Israeli citizenship) for that, but a Druze homeland would be a good ally for Israel and it would protect Druze populations in embattled in collapsing countries like Syria.

    Also, unlike the Palestinians, the Druze are not war-happy and do not seek to cause problems. After the Kurds, I think the Druze need a homeland.

    But, no part of Israel or Lebanon or Jordan should be used to make this homeland. The historic Druze homeland is in Jabal Druze, an area of Southern Syria that used to be a Druze country.

    Am Yisrael Chai.
    G-d bless America.

  • If it considered their land then yes

    Yes, the if the Druze people are entitled to the property then they should be given what is owed to them. Small portions of the land from each on one of the named countries: Israel, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon will suffice in accommodating the one million people in question. It would selfish not to at least consider the option.

  • No more fuel to the fire

    They should absolutely should not be given the land. There has been constant fighting in this area since the formation of Israel. By taking land from these countries that have been fighting and adding another state they would cause more fighting and possibly even inhalation for the Druze people. If they do form there own state then it should be from one country that can back them up and protect them.

  • No, I don't think the Druze people should be given their own homeland.

    I think creating a new nation state in that very unsteady area would just cause more tensions and military conflicts then there is now, I don't foresee these countries willingly giving up their land to the Druze people to form their own homeland and I think overall it would be a mess.

  • Living In Israel

    I do not believe the estimated one million Drize people should be given their own homeland from parts of Israel, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. I do not support this idea of everyone needing their own homeland. People have lived in these areas for thousands of years, they don't really belong to anyone. The Druze people are very active within Israel and their government, that should suffice.

  • No, the Druze should not be given thier own homeland.

    The primary problem with giving the Druze their own homeland is that there simply aren't enough homelands to give away. The Palestinians have been seeking their own homeland since the end of WWII, and the fundamental problem is the same. Their new homeland would consist of someone else's current homeland. Perhaps if people desired homelands that could be created out of new lands raised from the sea, we could accommodate them all. Until then, it is better to look at the plight of the Palestinians and think more carefully about what happens when we start reassigning lands.

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