Should the ethics of war be tightened on U.S. troops?

  • U.S. Troops Should be More Ethical

    There have been many stories from Iraq and Afghanistan about U.S. troops harming civilians or slaughtering innocent people. Sometimes these things are inevitable as war is a horrible thing. However, I think U.S. troops should be taught more about the ethics of war outside of combat roles. Our military already does a good job of being ethical as compared to other countries. However, there can always be more in regards to morals when it comes to wartime operations.

  • U.S. Troops should have war ethics tightened

    The troops representing the U.S. should hold a high ethics standard of behavior. Our troops are responsible to projecting the image of the US in the countries they are serving in. Our ethical treatment of the people who are innocent bystanders in wars should be very predictable and take good care of them.

  • You have no idea.

    You do not know what goes on in war, You know what CNN tells you. You've never had to make a decision that will affect your life, your fellow soldiers life, or innocent peoples lives. We are held to a high standard of ethics. In wars like Iraq and Afghanistan the enemies don't wear uniforms. These soldiers are willing to attack and kill there own people because they do not think the same. The fog of war is thick, until you've experienced it, you have no damn room to argue.

  • They are punished.

    No, the ethics of war should not be tightened on U.S. troops, because the troops cannot be too cautious and concerned about getting in trouble when they are fighting a war. When people violate ethics they get in trouble or they get a court martial. We are already enforcing ethics.

  • Troops Need Right To Act

    I do not believe the ethics of war should be tightened on US troops. Troops should have the absolute right to act when they feel necessary, not when they finally receive orders to do so. Tightening the ethics for all troops makes their job even more risky because they face death from opposition and prison from their allies.

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