• Yes, and absolutely.

    Isn't this one of the points of the EU? To have more flexibility and mobility throughout Europe? All of these border checks do nothing besides cost money and man hours. Though, on the flip side, it does provide jobs to a lot of people. Still, I think border crossings everywhere should be done freely. It's our world.

  • Yes: Citizens Should Be Able To Travel Freely in the EU

    If we are going to maintain freedom in the modern world, people need to have the ability to travel freely. Artificial borders and mechanisms for tracking human movements are the indication of a lack of freedom, perpetuated through violently backed systems. In spite of such oppression, freedom should be maximized, which includes freedom of movement.

  • yes, citizens should be allowed free crossing

    The EU should allow people to freely cross borders. With all the advances in human tracking and surveillance, no one can get away with anything anyway so why burden people with having to produce their papers at every border? This get sold quickly as the EU is filled with so many small countries that someone needing to across a few of them is held up for too long.

  • Countries should have tight borders.

    The EU should not allow citizens to cross borders freely. This is because people such as gypsies can roam freely without actually taking up a home and paying taxes. In addition, criminals have too wide of a scope of an area to run around and escape into. Countries should have tight borders because of these things.

  • EU allow citizens

    Compromise does not appear on the horizon. Republicans and Democrats are currently far apart and, if anything, are moving in opposite directions. Democrats are doing more name calling than negotiating or governing. Republicans, at least enough of them, are more focused on purity and principle than on finding a way out of the impasse. People wonder why the political process seems to have broken down.

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