• Young Kid's Should Not Be Seeing This

    Little kids should not be looking a nude images of women or men because even though they are not old enough to under stand it does not mean that they will try and find out. If the EU should do anything is put those paintings in a different room little kids can not go in.

  • No clothes on

    It is a human body with or without a outer cover. Some civilisations
    don't know human bodies have or need to be covered.
    In the modern western world basically in the first instance clothes are required as a outer layer protection this also backed up by western civilised false modesty.It is wrongly ingrained that nudity dirty.

  • No, that is not fair.

    Just because something is offensive or disgusting to you, does not mean that it should be banned. The EU would be wrong to censor art. Part of the function of art is to push the boundaries of what is considered to be in good taste. Banning such paintings takes away from that.

  • Be mature, people!

    Paintings depicting nude people is art. They are not, "pornographic" as the title suggests, this needs to be renamed. To ban these paintings would mean so many masterpieces getting lost. It would be censorship, and government should stick to its job of protecting its citizens instead of sticking their noses into everthing. Big government = bad.

  • No, most classic art is borderline pornographic.

    The European Union should not ban pornographic images. A large majority of classical works of art feature nude men and women and it has not been considered an issue. These pictures are not meant to scandalize, they simply depict the human figure. It would be realistic to perhaps limit young children from viewing these images.

  • No the EU should not ban pornographic paintings.

    Many paintings deemed 'pornographic' are famous and important works of are that people from all over the world travel to see. These paintings have history and culture, and if people feel that they are offensive then they can choose not to view them. It is important not to censor our culture but instead to allow it to become more expressive and tolerated.

  • Why should they do that?

    I think that when you have a line and when you create a painting that involves nudity, there is a specific purpose for it. Anything that is made in an artistic manner should be completely acceptable. If it is not acceptable for certain people, there should be a warning put up and that's it.

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