• Not a Union, just a dominant platform for Germany's self betterment.

    We all have a strong opinion on this matter, mainly from which news broadcasters we view or which media broadsheets we read. The fact is the union does not work, you cannot have a collective of something where everyone will prosper and thrive. The union is great for the very powerful and the very weak but not for the majority whom frequent within. The modern EU is a cloaked dictatorship where we have all become afraid. Disband, dissolve, do not fear, open your front door and walk clear

  • No, the EU should not be dissolved.

    I do not believe that the EU should be dissolved. I think that there are a lot of benefits of having such an organization that is made up of various European nations. If they were to dissolve, a lot of countries would be hurt. I also think the world economy would be affected.

  • Yes, the countries are too different

    Yes, I believe the EU should be dissolved because it consists of many different countries that have little in common except for geography. Also, their currency cannot be controlled by a single country. For example, inflation would greatly help some countries while greatly hindering others. There are too many differences between the EU nations to allow it to be effective and cohesive.

  • Nah the Eu has Helped so many times

    Is it Just Me or the European union has helped many Countries in Europe From Economic Reccesion back in 2007 to The Covid-19 pandemic we saw The European union have helped So many European Countries from Going together. Not to mention the fact that I always have to fear about Another world war but the European Union have been helping a lot of Countries through trade which Helped Remove and prevent More Wars in europe.

  • The Eu has Been Helping many People To Have employment

    Over 300 Million Citizens living In the Eu Has benefited From Social, Health, Education, Pension, And services funding from The European Union. And Many more States i Have thought that The european Union Has been a Bureaucratic Processs But still The european Union Have already Helped Employed many People into The Renewable Energy Sector and working to create More jobs and Employment.

  • Communism And The Far right Would Be Everywhere!

    The Eu Already helped Brought down Communist Party Leaders And far right Extremists Not to mention The Fact the Eu Supports Parties that are Focus on the civilians Including a Clean Party When an Eu Member Becomes a Communist Or Totalitarian Regime The Eu Can Impsoe sanctions just like what it did To North Korea And Iran Which Also Brought My Idea that the eu Is a good force

  • The European Union Helped Members Economy!

    I Mean We Only saw Economic crises in spain, Greece, And Portugal But Dissolving the Eu Would cause even More chaos throughout Europe we saw The Ecnomy in United Kingdom And france Exploded ever since we Joine the European Union.
    The european Union Stands for Free trade between its Member states allowing greater Freedom In Free market Capitalism which would improve Societies In Europe now we saw Less Civil Wars in Europe And we saw More People benefiting Feom the European Union. The Eu Is here to stay!

  • The EU should be expanded

    The EU has done a number of good things for European Nations, and provides an excellent forum for voicing opinions, concerns, or coming to a consensus about certain ideas. Failures or hiccups along the way are not a reason to abandon the EU, they are reasons to engage and improve it.

  • The EU should not be dissolved

    The EU should not be dissolved and should never be dissolved unless major economic problems arises as a result of it. So far, the EU has experienced economic problems with Greece, Spain and a few other countries, but nothing major to bring down the economies of the other countries. If at any point in the future the EU starts having major economical and social issues, then there may be an need to reform it or possibly even dissolve it.

  • No, You appear to think European politics is like European football

    It isn't and never was. It is purely an economic union that serves
    prospective economic security for the ruling classes of whichever
    country has been usurped for inclusion. The EU will not break up.We need the European Union anyway, because the alternative is to create a warm and friendly relationship with Iceland.

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