Should the EU cancel tariffs on agricultural products from Third world countries?

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  • Yes, it would help the countries develop.

    Yes, the EU should cancel tariffs on agricultural products from developing countries, because it would give the countries a chance to find markets for their products. If they can sell their products, it will create more jobs and will help stabilize these countries. It will also help Europeans who are struggling themselves to find affordable agricultural products.

  • I do not support any kind of tariffs on any products from any location.

    Tariffs are a means to raise prices in imported products and, ostensibly, protect local business. However, while they protect local businesses, they also hurt the producer of the imported goods, as people would be less willing to purchase something that had an inflated price. Tariffs are nothing more than a way for governments to create market distortions, one of the few things they are good at.

    Posted by: ErvinAnime
  • Tariffs make it more difficult for third world countries to compete in the global market.

    When considering the interplay of countries in the global market, the EU, and their actions, have a global impact. Tariffs on third world countries by the EU hamper their ability to compete in the global market by making it too expensive for them to trade. By lifting these tariffs, such countries could begin to compete economically, and likely would likely start improving their own country's technological progress.

    Posted by: QuarrelsomeAlbert70
  • I oppose EU tariffs on imports from Third world countries; they are the neediest economies in the world, and we should not be stifling them.

    While I admittedly am not very well informed on this issue, it seems like common sense that tariffs on any products, agricultural or otherwise, from Third world countries is a bad idea. Third world countries generally have very weak economies, and I believe that anything that we can do to help them out will directly benefit the citizens of those countries, who are some of the neediest people in the world. Imposing tariffs on their exports needlessly harms people who are already economically depressed, in order to prop up economies of EU countries, who are already wealthy. I believe this is morally wrong.

    Posted by: EvanescentManual37
  • Yes, the EU should cancel tariffs on agricultural products from Third world countries, because it would enable those countries to focus on more important needs.

    It would be beneficial to third world countries to have tariffs canceled, especially on agricultural products. The money that they save can be used for medicine, or some other important aspect, that that country needs. Give them an incentive to do better and promote their products, so that the country does not need to resort to desperate measures to get food.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • I agree that the EU should cancel tariffs to allow agriculture in Third World countries to thrive.

    If the EU cancels tariffs on agricultural products from Third World countries, it would allow the people there the opportunity to succeed. Because most Third World countries are not as financially stable as European countries, charging a tariff creates an impossibility for those farmers. If the tariff were lifted, it would increase trade, which would benefit the world's economy greatly.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • If the food is actually going to the people who need it, then yes.

    When it comes to royalty or the rich, then tax them like mad. But if it is food that's going to the poor and starving, they should take off taxes and tariffs, so the prices can be lowered. The rich would use this to their advantage like they always do, so we need to watch it. Wealthy people living there should still have to pay, and not be allowed to rape the system.

    Posted by: J Humphrey 64
  • I believe the EU should cancel tariffs on agricultural products from Third world countries because Third world countries are already disadvantaged in the agricultural economic system.

    Third world counties are developmentally behind in the technology that other nations have in agriculture, such as, farm machinery, crop pesticides/fertilizers, and transportation of crops. Other developed nations have the ability to produce high yields at a very low operating cost. For Third world countries to be taxed in addition to their disadvantaged farming costs, just enlarges the economic difference from developed to undeveloped nations. We should be trying to pull Third world nations closer not further away.

    Posted by: 5hiy4Iard
  • Many of the European economies are in trouble and tariffs help get money for the government.

    Since European countries have significant debt to worry about, the tariffs on third world countries should not be lifted, because the tariffs can be used as a small dent in the country's debt issues. It also helps the European economy to focus on producing agricultural-related products, as their domestic products will be competitive with the international products.

    Posted by: SoWinif
  • I think it is important to maintain tariffs on imported agricultural products, because they will protect the EU's agricultural industry and farmers.

    By maintaining tariffs on imported agricultural goods from third world countries, the EU will be maintaining a competitive advantage for products produced within the EU. Times are hard enough for all workers, including farmers, across the EU. With labor as cheap as it is in third world countries, they are able to produce at a much lower cost. Eliminating tariffs would force EU farmers to either slash their slim profit margins, or to be forced out of business altogether. The agricultural sector is suffering bad enough, and any additional hit could be devastating to the entire economy.

    Posted by: GlibGrover70
  • Tariffs are a boon to internal commerce.

    Normally I am of the less tax the better mindset. But that stops at the borders of ones own country. Tariffs lean the business toward using locally produced goods. The goods, especially agricultural goods are still available from outside, but often the lower cost of labor creates an advantage where the local business cannot compete. I see tariffs as a chance for a local economy to boost itself by creating a better environment.

    Posted by: Ia2Cist
  • I don't believe EU should cancel tariff's on agricultural products from third world countries.

    If we have to pay tariffs, why shouldn't other countries selling to us have to as well? We may be in need of the product, but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't have to pay the tariff.

    Posted by: LorenaH
  • Canceling tariffs on agricultural products from Third world countries will encourage more agricultural development in those countries and make a positive contribution to their economy.

    Encouraging the growth of agriculture in third world countries will help those countries become stronger and more self sufficient. By not imposing a tariff on their products, they will be able to sell more of their products to other countries. This will help them build up their agricultural economy which will then make a positive contribution to their larger general economy. This in turn will help these countries become stronger economically and less dependent on aid from the rest of the world.

    Posted by: N42iDona

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