• Yes, I don't see reason to dissolve it.

    The EU is important as a unifying factor for Europe. Especially like NATO, the EU serves as an economic barrier to nations like Russia, whose agendas most likely include the active invasion of Western areas (i.E. Poland blocking Belarus). In addition, the EU uses a unified currency, which further helps Europe collectively. For instance, without the EU, Greece would be completely under.

    The EU also maintains an independent identity that other countries can recognize as a democratic, non-corrupt first-world symbol. I think that's the most important factor in keeping the EU alive.

  • Yes, but reforms are needed.

    We need to stay united to atleast mean something to gigantic world powers like Russia or the United States of America. However the system is now way too complicated for citizens to trust it. Seperated we are all weak nations, with a few exceptions (including UK). It also makes us able to put preassure on neigbouring countries. If Greece wants to tell Turkey to keep more refugees, they would not listen. If the EU tells them to, they would. So keep it but make it clear.

    We are in variate concordia

  • It should never have existed in the first place.

    It was created in a surreptitious manner in gradual stages which is a technique used by the New World Order in order to achieve their aims. The EU is a stepping stone to a One World government, and White Genocide by means of mass immigration and forced assimiliation. This always was the intention.

  • The people who control of the EU have ulterior motives.

    The EU was set up under false pretences. It was always intended to be a stepping stone to world government and a means of getting rid of Europe's White majority. The EU is not pro-Europe it is anti-Europe. It is intended that Europe should no longer be European but should merge into the third world.

  • We can no longer stay

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  • It just can't anymore.

    The EU is like a massive usage of socialism among countries. Europeans think that socialism is a dream come true, but they cannot save this sinking ship. With Italy, Greece, Spain, and France on the verge of collapse and borrowing money from the disgruntled British and German trusts. It is just going to be a demise of broke socialists with illegal immigrants galore.

  • It absolutely can not!!!!

    Problems with the EU:
    1: It promotes violence and disorder: Now that there are no borders mass migration to the wealthier countries is occurring, this causes their economy to suffer, their people to suffer, and elevates crime rate's significantly. THERE IS A REASON THAT BORDERS EXIST!!! Why would I pay my taxes to an entity that no longer upholds in own security?!
    2: It's killing all of Europe's cultures: This new immigration policy all but ensures that people from poorer countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Greece........Will start a mass movement to the wealthier ones, and they are left with no defense against them. If this continues there won't be any more Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish people, there will be only Europeans- which is awful!!!
    3: No one has a say in it anymore, the very idea that there should be a ruling entity that decides all the laws for everyone is absurd, German society and Bulgarian society have different requirements, by making them follow the exact same laws, determined by someone else creates a situation where both economies are destabilized.
    4: Lack of separation of powers in the EU inevitably leads to corruption: As I've mentioned before, not all countries agree on ideological terms, therefore having one commission decide on the actions of all is ridiculous!!!
    5: there is no one who can control them!!!: before the EU no European country could pass a law that would hurt other countries, if they did it would be at least heavily criticized, and in most cases, it wouldn't pass. Now we have a situation like in the US, where the commission (government) can do whatever it likes without anyone telling them off. Once again I have to point out that a small council CAN NOT rule over a diverse continent such as Europe!!!

    On the upside, in the upcoming elections might finally see a major win of nationalistic, patriotic parties, such as we have seen in France, the Netherlands and Ireland!!!!

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