• Yes, the EU should offer a closer partnership with Mediterranean countries.

    I think that the EU should always try to do their best to develop better unity among the countries in the organization. While the EU should develop a close partnership with Mediterranean countries, they should do the same for any European nation. Doing such things can only be a positive thing.

  • Who does it hurt

    Countries, like people, should always keep their options open. Why not have as many friends as possible? It is good to keep trade routes open, so everyone's economy can flourish. I am thinking the only reason more countries do not have a closer partnership is because they think they will want something from them.

  • What has the EU accomplished?

    Much like the staggering ineptitude of the United Nations, it seems the European Union has done little in the way of unification outside of establishing more economic uncertainty and giving both Europeans and non-Europeans alike something more centralized to hate. The solution to global problems is not more centralization. The last thing we need is a world government. I don't see a reason for the thing to exist at all.

  • Leave them alone

    The EU is expanding to the point where they are heading towards what everybody had feared, an ultimate collapse due the burden placed on a few countries. Germany is currently propping up the economies of several countries in Europe, and this is just one facet of what could become a wider problem.

  • not at all

    No, they should not make this at all, since it will end up making a lot of trouble for them and making them have to spend a whole lot more money. I think that the best thing to do would be to keep everthing the same that it is right now.

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