• Join the party

    Everybody else is already sanctioning North Korea, hop on in EU! Unfortunately it has shown to accomplish little as the government balances any sanctions by taking more from its citizens to keep to itself as it doesn't care about them, but you got to hope at a certain point it breaks their boastful stupidity and forces them to acknowledge the rest of the world. Near impossible situation with such delusional leadership.

  • Yes the EU should sanction North Korea

    Yes, it is time now more than ever for the EU to sanction North Korea since North Korea is not backing down from furthering their nuclear ambitions. North Korea has a dictator who seems to be unstable and may attack at any time, so therefore the EU must sanction North Korea immediately.

  • Yes the EU must soon sanction North Korea

    I believe that the EU should sanction North Korea for continuing to violate peace treaties over North Korea not developing a nuclear program. The EU has strong countries within its organization such as England, and when banded together the EU could send a strong message to North Korea through sanctions to stop a nuclear program.

  • Absolutly they should

    Sanctions have been proven as an great tool in pushing oppressive powers out of their ways. Sanctions need to be put down on them to have them stop advancing their weapons of mass destruction. All units need to implement sanctions though for them to be effective in stopping them from these acts.

  • Well, considering that the pro arg was quite poor...

    The fact that everyone is sanctioning North Korea right now and the fact that it isn't working probably says something about how effective it is, don't you agree? Eventually they'll crumble, but by then the citizens probably have already starve to death, and we can't just let that happen under our power.

    Besides, sanctioning more goods might force North Korea to take an even more drastic position and start behaving even more aggressively, if the sanctions work. And if they don't, well, above situation happens again.

  • In the end, who does it hurt?

    The only people who would be effected are those that are already in poverty and are susceptible to the nation's propaganda machine already. It would just enable the ruling class to point more fingers at the Western world for all there problems, while those who are in charge of policy only use the backs of the lower class to soften the blow that the sanctions would bring. The only people who actually suffer are innocent.

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