• Yes, it is supporting inefficiency.

    Yes, the euro zone should be abolished, because it only rewards countries that are economically inefficient. Greece should have defaulted, but instead Germany picked up the bill for Greece. This was unfair to the stronger country. The euro zone only allows inefficient countries to scream unfairness and then receive money from richer countries.

  • The euro zone should be abolished.

    Given the current financial crisis, it is abundantly evident that the euro zone isn't working. Many of the countries are just too different to benefit from a single currency. Germany shouldn't have to bail out the failing economies of countries like Greece and Spain. It would be better for all the countries involved to just go back to the old system.

  • This is my reason

    It helps with connections across Europe. The point with the EU is that Europe should be more united. No passport checks, one time zone (to an extent) . It is there to make lives easier and abolishing the Euro would be getting rid of the ideas. It helps for connections to Europe. People can go to across Europe currently with only a single currency. Why would you want to turn that offer down?

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