• The European community should expand

    The European community should expand as much as possible. Europe has a huge impact on our world. They have been the primary source of immigrants that came to the US and have had an impact on our economy and belief system that we currently share today. I truly believe that the European community in the US should expand in every state.

  • The European Community should expand

    The European community should expand because European countries tend to be wealthier and at the forefront of modern civilization. They should expand and bring wealth and civilization to regions of the world which are poor and underdeveloped. Europe should expand into northern Africa, western Asia, and South America. They should also Expand to North America.

  • Other nations are not stable.

    No, the European community should not expand, because it would water down the strong nations in the community. The European community cannot have more dependent nations than it has nations with strong economies. The European community also has a distinct culture, and it is too hard to serve the interests of each member nation if there are so many cultures involved.

  • It is Europe

    Do people even remember what the European community even means? Europe is a continent and most of the countries on the continent and the traditional bounds of Europe are already in the union, with the exception of Switzerland and some of the tiny principalities along the coast, but otherwise, its complete.

  • No, the European community should not expand.

    I think that the European community is already large enough and encompasses a large mass of land and cultures. If they were to expand, then it would degrade the existing culture and formalities in its existence. I do not think it would be wise at all to expand the European community.

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