• Turkey should be allow to join the EU.

    Turkey and the Ottoman Empire have played a huge role in European history for centuries. Depending on how you look at it Antolia is in Europe and Istanbul there biggest city is European too. Turkey is an ally to many EU countries, the U.S., and is a NATO member. Rurkey should not be denied just because of their internal conflicts when Spain and Greece are going through turmoil as well. The main goal of the EU is to maintain peace and form friendships between countries so letting in the Turks will just further this goal.

  • Turkey is sufficiently developed and stable.

    Despite its internal conflicts, Turkey is a relatively stable country compared to its Asian neighbours and is a great example of a secular democracy. Moreover, it would be an ally against the militants of the Middle East. Its people and culture would also make a great addition to the amalgam of peoples already in the EU

  • Yes They Should

    I believe the European Union should allow Turkey into its ranks. To me, the purpose of the European Union is to bring countries together. Turkey, while in an awkward position as far as continent placement, should be allowed to join the European Union, if they want to. This piece of land has been part of the continents countries in the past and I think its viable to think it could be included in the future.

  • Yes, the EU should allow Turkey to join.

    I definitely think that the European Union should allow the nation of Turkey to join its ranks. I think that Turkey is a country that would be worthy of joining the European Union and be beneficial to them. Turkey is a great country with a lot of great history as well as a nation that is important as the crossroads of Europe and the east.

  • Ottoman Empire and Genocides

    Turkey has a dark past. They have killed millions of people in genocides that they say never even happened! It is too aligned with east to join the EU. And It is causing many refugees to come and flood Europe. In my opinion they should not be allowed to join

  • The European Union should not allow Turkey into its ranks.

    The European Union should not allow Turkey into its ranks. Turkey is not ready to be a part of the European Union. It should sort out its own personal conflicts and come to a resolution before agreeing to be a part of the European Union. I think that they are not ready.

  • Turkey's past is too dark.

    The European Union should allow Turkey into its ranks. This is because Turkey committed atrocities against the Armenians in the 1800s and 1900s, killing millions of them. They have denied the truth to this day and have never apologized for it. The European Union knows about this past and is not too keen on them. Turks, by blood, are also not Europeans.

  • They are not ready.

    No, the European Union should not allow Turkey into its ranks, because Turkey is not Western enough to fit into the European Union. There is a disagreement within Turkey. Forces are trying to pull Turkey both towards the East and towards Western culture. They need to settle this for the west before they should be in the EU.

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