• Yes it should

    Yes it should be dissolved most of the European Union is all of America's Ally and they know that America has their back is a great accomplishment. They don't need to depend on each other like they used to depend only on themselves to get things done in case of a war.

  • You shall know a tree by its fruit

    I am not a religious person, but occasionally there is a nugget of wisdom in there. Forget about everyone's fancy arguments about history and culture and theory and look at what has come about since the EU came to being. Economic turmoil from a poorly planned currency experiment, and why? Because a bunch pretentious elites fancied some fuzzy idea unity and community instead of economic competence. On top of that social unease, skyrocketing crime and rape because a the idiotic ruling class is more interested in some fluffy concept of racial harmony than the welfare of it's own citizens.

    And the final nail in the coffin, the utter contempt they have for their own citizens, suppressing media stories that are unfavorable to their failing economic and immigration agenda, the type of idiocy the world thought died with the soviet union is now used nakedly and blatantly as a tool to manipulate it's own citizens, and there have been more than enough instances of the ruling class making their attitudes known about the superiority of Islamic culture over European culture to make their LITERALLY Orwellian screams of racism hollow. And if you are willing to forgive that, then can you forgive their contempt for the tax dollars of European citizens. To date their extravagance, and their wastefulness in living high off the backs of the European taxpayer, and blowing even more down the metaphorical toilet of bizarre social engineering experiments are well known. Quite frankly these behaviors are an assault on no less than democracy itself. Perhaps in the right hands, the EU could have worked, but as I said, you know a tree by it's fruit, and this fruit is rotten to the core.

  • Exploit of the small nations

    Ever since Greece gave up its currency and took on the euro they have spiralled further and further into debt and economic collapse while the big players (mainly Germany) have gotten richer and richer. This is because by having economic unions like the European Union you remove the ability of sovereign nations to defend themselves economically through measures like tariffs which allow nations to protect and expand their own manufacturing base, without them consumers are left only with foreign options. This becomes a cycle because the foreign companies are the only ones getting money to keep expanding, thus strangling local company's out of existence before they can get their feet off the ground. If further economic imperialism is to be prevented the eu must go.

  • United snakes (u.S.) Enslaved union (e.U.) , subordinate to the united snakes

    The EU is just a lie, it is a stanic union for the NWO , and it is a threat to the true freedom of the nations that will be enslaved by the demonic rules of elites of EU and the united snakes, who are warmongers and the is the real supporters , funders, founders, and creators of ISIS ( the ISIS the egyptian god is equivalent to the statue of lieberty or should be called as ishtar of babylon . As the united snakes is created by the illuminati, freemasons, satanic occults, with their demonic symbols as the supreme planners and starters of three world wars, that will intentionally kills innocent people in millions to billions and frontrunners for the satanic NWO. ( think of their 800 more military baseless and their lies for being warmongers for more profit for their created terrorists groups like al- qaeda , isis\daesh, al- nusra front) and they intentionally use their All- lies( allies) the pro- lamericraps that they can control and do their bidding and easily bow on submission as a frontline buffer in times of war and they always provoke the nations the united snakes cannot control and submit ( as the ANTI-american nations are the true (Russia , China, and their ally nations, who are also ANTI-american) everlasting nations with true belief to independence and sovereign rights and freedom and won' t submit to the demonic , satanic NWO of the modern great babylon united snakes(u.S.).

  • Europe Is NOT US

    There are so many factors against EU different language, values, wealth inequality, easy access for East European murderers to cross into Western Europe without checks, single currency is pointless rubbish. Economic instability in most member states with the exception of Germany and Britain supporting the rest of them economically. Where would they go if GB pulls out and all of them are forced to leave? GB is the gravy train for the rest of Europe you don't find many Britons flocking to Poland or Romania begging for work or benefits. They should go and build their own economy, rather than flocking to Britain like sheep for work and benefits. Who will make their own country great? If they are all in Britain even if the pay is poor. All EU has done is encourage flocks of criminals and riff raff from Europe to flood Western Europe it should be dissolved let them all go and rule their own country!

  • The European Union should be dissolved.

    The European Union should be dissolved. The euro was a straightforward wrong turn for Europe. Euro zone countries should accept the reality of its failure and revert to national currencies that permitted faster growth in the past. Germany holds the key to whether the bulk of continental Western Europe continues with the euro failure.

  • Dissolve the EUSSR

    The European Union is more or less another effort to create a socialist empire like the Soviet Union was and when the USSR collapsed it took years for the former states to recover(Moldova never recovered and it most likely never will since it was a shithole even during the soviet union) so the EUSSR must be dissolved or it will be all of Europe that will collapse.

  • EU equals disaster

    The Eu with its locked exchange rates (euro is exactly that, locked exchange rates since its not a normal currency) guarantees economic disaster. It is self-destructive and thus cannot be saved no matter what. The longer we wait the more unstable it gets until the critical instability for fission is reached.

  • Sovereign nations should be free to determine their own destinies.

    The Eu has been trying to bind the peoples of Europe together into an political and economic empire for a long time now, and no one is happy about it. The Eurozone and Lisbon Treaties have tried to erase the nations and peoples of Europe - as well as their own interests - by forcing them to do trade deals through EU diplomats, overriding sovereign nations' legislation with decrees from Brussels, and violating sovereign law such as the UK's habeas corpus with the unjust European Arrest Warrant.
    The endgoal for the EU is to destroy the individuality of the continent's unique peoples and turn them into hypermobile resources of production in the drive to become #1 on the world stage. The EU promised security from war and predation to the peoples of Europe in return for some of their essential freedoms (the right to self-determination, freedom of speech, habeas corpus), and now Brussels is working hard to erase the last remnants of their independence altogether - and with the collapsing Eurozone, frequent rioting, and rising crime rates across the nations of Europe Benjamin Franklin's foreboding words come to mind: "Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

  • Europe is just a geographical expression.

    The Austrian chancellor Klemens von Metternich used to say that Italy was simply a geographical expression. I disagree as there is a unique culture in that peninsula and also a common language. But Europe has no common language, culture, religion, ethnicity or whatsoever. Plus this destabilizing the international balance of power. The EU must apologies to the people of Brussels for turning their city into Franco German playground. It's immigration policies have caused serious tensions throughout the region and turned the Mediterrean into a graveyard. Never should have existed

  • Because I said so

    I no more than any of you, becuse I am very smart. The Europen Union is very god becaus It helps peple and I sad so. Please accept what I am saing becuse I am very smart, and can prov It withen 10 seconds of meting you. I am don now.

  • The European Union should not be dissolved

    The European Union should not be dissolved. They are experiencing problems at the moment, but which government or organization is perfect. Every problem they have can be solved and countries' economies can be strengthened and reinforced so that nations do not end up bankrupt like Greece and Spain. The European Union is very strong and it allows many countries to work together to achieve goals.

  • A concept of inspiration, friendship and trade.

    As a European, I am greatly proud of the fact I am within the EU.
    It's a fantastic thing, showing countries that have been at each other's throats for thousands of years, are willing to put their differences aside and become a society of understanding.
    Such a concept is amazing, and it aids countries such as Greece who are struggling, to trade without crushing competition. Thus giving them a chance to be great again.

    Of course, the EU is in no way perfect, It has its major faults. But this is the same with everywhere. It should be something to be proud of.
    The EU offers protection to countries that are too small to defend themselves, and makes these countries known and understood, where they would otherwise be overlooked.

    It is 'sticking up for the little guy', and I strongly disagree to the people trying to split the EU up by attacking its faults. These people should first understand the positives, and also the massive cultural significance of such a Union.
    I know it has a problem with immigration, but countries allow this so that it's has labour, so its economy can improve. It's important not to overlook this, and the fact that countries within the EU can still close their borders, because although the EU sets rules, there's not a lot they can do if a country does otherwise.
    I will forever stand by the European Union, I believe it can repair its faults and become better and more significant than it is now. It's not about a ruling 'superstate', or a new superpower, as people sometimes refer to it. Because this isn't what the EU is, and I don't believe it ever will be because it was formed to stop such a thing from occurring in the first place, ie: another Hitler or something like that.

  • The EU is very controlling over all countries inside the eu.

    The eu must be destroyed. As countries like Greece are forced to become a third world country with the currency, the euro failing the greek economy, Greece is forced to remain a third world country as the eu does nothing to help countries like Greece but to only insure security for countries that do have a good economy for the eu to eventually take and use for the main country, Germany which is in full control of countries within the eu by using tariffs to limit a countries success and economy growth.

    Overall countries should leave the eu to be free from the very union which is slowly gaining more and more power by the year over these countries. Once countries are free from the eu the opportunity will be great and countries will get their independence, success and also wealth which is very important for the success of countries to be run which the eu is limiting at the moment.

  • It's stronger united

    The European Union must find a way to make the original model work or Russia will eat them alive. It's starts with economic determination to increase defense spending. At least 5percent of gdp. Then arrange alternative energy supplies, mainly from Canada, the us, and the U.K. Isis must be thoroughly destroyed and social media monitored. A wall must be built on the Mexican border. World cooperation is needed to stop China's claim to the 9 dash line in the South China Sea.

  • Sovereign State is a phenomenon of the past.

    Once there were city states and feudal entities. In the last two centuries we had the sovereign-state, the nation-state, artificial constructs that were some of the major reasons of WWII and series of ethnic cleansings, nationalism, and border disputes. The Europeans have more in common than differences. European Union is by far the most developed part of the world, with vast potential to become the pre-eminent superpower. Of course it has faults but EU is based on democratic traditions. One day the euro will be the only currency of the region. The pound will cease to exist way faster than we may think, and so the UK. A Brexit will trigger a Scottish secession from Britain and soon after a Scottish membership in the EU and the Eurozone. EU is an inevitable historical reality, and those who try to stay out, they just buy time. I cannot tell what but something will bring all EFTA countries and other states like Greenland, Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Lebanon, and later Syria (when it will become democracy) and the Palestine-Israel Federal Republic into the EU, it may take 20 years, but it will happen.

  • The EU is an outlet

    The eu may have its cons but its an outlet for those who choose to speak. It has served as a voice for the people, voicing their concerns and helping them live better lives. Without the eu we wouldn't even be able to travel very often, and though we can't change the past; how can you ensure that the eu' disbandment would benefit our economy.

  • The EU should not be dissolved

    The EU offers protection to countries that are too small to defend themselves, and makes these countries known and understood, where they would otherwise be overlooked.
    Powerful countries reach out to less powerful ones, in order to help. It makes commerce, and tourism easier as well, because you do not need a visa for every country you visit, and you do not need to change currency. Just stick with euros

  • No, the EU should not be dissolved.

    I think there are a few good aspects to the European Union that are good, such as making the boarders between countries open. However I do think the EU should be reformed and not have so much control of each country and I also don't think that the euro should be a currency for all of Europe.

  • The European Union will survive.

    Even America had its pitfalls when it started out. A handful of states came together to make a "perfect union" but it had some flaws. The first government was in debt. Even then, the founding fathers had to make some compromises. Many such promises gave more voting rights to the southern states by allowing the landowners to count their slaves and cattle as partial votes to counter balance the owner's feelings that they were not properly represented in the new government. After all of that, America went through the War of 1812 and Civil War before the country started to shape into the democracy that they are now. However, the Great Depression was right around the corner. The European Union will go through many tribulations. They will need the time to iron out the details before they could be molded into something solid standing.

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