• Include All of Europe

    I believe the European Union would benefit from slight expansion to include current European nations that are not a part. I believe leaving out these few nations defeats the purpose of the union and it will not be complete until it encompasses all countries. Overall I believe it has proved beneficial, so contraction seems like a bad option.

  • The European Union should expand

    The European Union should expand and that will be more beneficial to every country in Europe. As long as the countries do not bring more burden to the European Union, I agree with the expansion. Countries like Turkey should better control their government and officials, because they might not be the best countries to add to the European Union.

  • Yes, expansion would help promote world peace

    The European Union should expand as it helps to legislate a variety of social, political and economical issues with various European countries, in doing so promoting peace and compromise with those involved. They are also advocates for human rights not only internally but around the globe, and give out the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • It should not expand.

    I think that for now, the European Union should not look into expanding. The European Union continues to be a bold experiment in democracy, but its implementation has not been without problems. While it will never be perfect, I think right now would be a good time to pause expansion and work things out.

  • No, the EU has not lived up to its promise

    The European Union has undermined democracy in Europe and should not expand to do so elsewhere. The EU has repeatedly pushed initiatives against the wishes of member populations, using all manner of election tricks and gimmicks to force through the desire of elites. As an elected body, it is simply too far removed from voters to be properly held accountable.

  • The EU is a complete economic failure!

    As I said in the title, it truly is a failure. Just look at a map displaying the debt of international countries, and look at Europe. You will see the majority of EU nations are in massive amount of debt. All counsel meetings are behind closed doors so this shows Europeans do not really have a say in what the EU government does, and exactly how is this democratic? Every culture is mashed together as "European", just like the United States mashes every culture up and everyone essentially becomes "American".
    Sovereignty is the thing of the modern age, and such a union as the EU which proposes one government, one currency, and that it should expand all over Europe makes me remember the dreams of what Adolf Hitler wanted: one Germany, one currency (Reichsmark), and the Third Reich expands all over Europe.

    Even with cons there are pros as well, but I however believe the EU should be dismantled, as quick as possible, and allow each nation its own sovereign governing rights.

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