Should the European Union have a federal president?

  • Yes, an European institutional reform is necesary

    I think it would be a good idea for europeans to have a federal president and government. It is the only way we can save the Union in the next year. An elected-president who will have similar powers like US president would be a better way to maintain European unity, especially these days.

  • Unity

    The European Union should have a federal president and try to have some semblance of a unified domestic and foreign policy. Right now, with the Euro, they try to have a unified economic policy, yet each country is also allowed to go its own way. This is untenable in the long run; if Europe is serious about unity, they need to go far beyond the Euro.

  • Europe Should Unify Further

    Europeans have been economically unified for a decade under the Euro Zone. A more unified government is the next step. Instead of dozens of parliaments and heads of states, Europe should move towards a more federal system. Unity is important for moving forward in any economic area, and Europe is no different.

  • The European Union is currently an association of separate nations.

    As an association of separate nations of different nations with varying government structures and policies, it would be disastrous for the European Union to have a federal president with governing power over all member countries. Instead, a counsel of elected or appointed individuals from each nation is a more practical solution at this time for creating a foundation for a unified government.

  • no president is necessary

    The European Union cannot have a president. It consists of different countries with different ideas and even different languages. it is impossible to united counties together with such difference without serious recoils on half of the countries involved. Without a 100 percent agreement on who would be a president, the union will fall apart or worse war will come through this disagreement.

  • They aren't there yet

    Not at this point, no. Forcing a group to come together under one leader that clearly is not yet prepared to work in such unity will only cause further divides. The pieces that make up the EU need to get their individual acts together before they have a prayer of being on the same page.

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