• Yeah thwey should regulate less

    I have been living in britaon for my whole life (77 years) now, and i think that the regulations are just appaling. The eu has contributed to the fall of all of the great parties (national front, bnp) and the greatest politicians of or age (nigel farage and nick griffin) are anti-eu! Eu is just commnism designed to aid the soviet union yes i know the soviet union dont exist no more but still

  • At the moment, I believe so.

    Ask any economist about their stance on regulation and they will argue that the more regulations in place the less economic growth there is. Considering the EU's debt problems and slow economic recovery, I think loosening a few regulations in the name of business is a good idea, temporarily. As a side note, and this isn't so much about regulation, I don't understand why E.U. Members have to pay large amounts for member dues?

    Posted by: JDuB
  • The amount of regulation is just fine!

    I am living in the European Union, I am part of it, and therefore it is absolutely fine that the EU regulates things. In my opinion most regulations are acceptable. Let me cite the ban of bulbs of 100W or higher as an example. No one needs that kind of bulbs. By using bulbs with less bulb people save much money and we are improving environmental conditions.

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