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  • Euthanasia is optional.

    Although it causes a lot of guilt to the doctors because it's taking the life of another human, in a way it's upon the patent's request. It may be a religious issue, but that's why it is a choice. A person in great pain may have difficult times making up their mind, but that's why they'd talk about it to their relatives and friends. If the condition they have causes them constant pain, they should euthanize if they choose to. If not, they shouldn't euthanize. In summary, euthanasia should be legal, but not supported to anyone with a treatable condition. (arthritis, depression, ETC.)

  • It should be thought from each perspective

    Allowing euthanasia might affect the people that have no that decision other peole should be thaought. It's also againist to religions you can nat decide to your death it's againist to god's will.Also task of physicians is making better people not killing them.Last thing that i want to say ''how can a person who is in really big pain have true decision.

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