• Yes, a change in euthanasia laws needs to be made.

    I believe that euthanasia laws need to be altered. People who are terminally ill and suffering terribly should have the option to end their own lives if they so choose. If euthanasia were legal people could make informed choices and doctors could end peoples' lives without having to worry about getting sued.

  • People Have Right to Die

    People have the right to die with dignity if they are diagnose with a terminal illness. No one should live a painful existence for years when the quality of life diminishes greatly. If certain criteria are met, viable humans should be able to determine their right to die in a manner of their choosing instead of being a burden on the health care system.

  • Lives are important. Live life to the fullest!!

    We as humans do not have the right to kill. It is up to God's will to determine the life of a person. That particular individual might be lying on the bed in the hospital just staring at the television or at the window but we as humans must provide that particular individual a chance of survival and not just to kill him/her even though they are fully lifeless. Who knows maybe that he/she might recover after treatments and not to die in vain. By altering the laws of euthanasia, that particular individual need not live their life to the fullest and just to take their life for granted. He/she would just choose to die as to avoid from facing pain that they are obviously afraid of without thinking twice about living life to the fullest.

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