Should the events of the Sandy Hook shooting change how Americans respond to signs of gun violence?

  • Prevention is vital

    The loss of any life is a tragic and terrible thing, especially when it is a young life not yet truly lived, and so it is extremely important that we as a society do everything in our power to prevent it. As such, preventative measures for gun violence are necessary to take.

  • American gun crimes vs. Canadian gun crimes

    Canada, Australia, and other developed nations with drastically more strict gun laws suffer from far fewer incidents like those at Sandy Hook. In recent History, Canada's only mass school shooting was at a university in Montreal in the 80s. Australia, since making firearms much more difficult to obtain, have not had a single mass shooting. If America wants to get control of its gun violence, it needs to first admit there is a problem with the number of people who have easy access to guns. Once gun purchases have been restricted, the guns still circulating the country could be gathered in the same way Australia handled their gun recall, and ultimately the results should be similar to those in Australia- with drastically lessened gun violence.

  • Wake up to gun violence!

    Yes, the events of the Sandy Hook shooting should change how Americans respond to signs of gun violence. If a school shooting with so many deaths doesn't make people wake up to the problems of gun violence, what will? It's ridiculous that there should even be a question about how to respond to signs of gun violence. It has to stop, period.

  • Our culture MUST change.

    I was once a die-hard Second Amendment supporter, feeling that all types of weapons should be accessible to every American. But when these shootings began to occur in head spinning succession - especially when there are children involved - I began to change my mental approach. As a father, I would not, nowadays, to send my daughter into a school that could be either the equivalent of a military base or the next target of a mass killing. I am a gun owner, but there are some people who should not, by any circumstances, own guns...And there are some guns that should not even be manufactured or sold.

    You want to fire military weapons? Join the military.
    You want to save our children? Enact common-sense gun laws.

  • Poorly Written Question

    "Should there be a change" can be taken differently.
    "How Americans respond to signs of gun violence?
    Pro-2A would say Yes! The GFZ policy hasn't worked. Let us try something different .. Like allowing Teacher and School officials to Conceal Carry. The SCOTUS has ruled in2008 and 2010 that it is a Individual's Constitutional Right to Bear and Carry Arms. If the Adults in the Schools to protect themselves and the students.

    Gun Control activist would say Yes! Ban Guns ... First the non-military rifles and handguns and Shotgun with 11+ round capacities. Create a more broad class of citizen restricted from possessing a firearm, etc.

    Am in the Pro-2A party, the gun ban in 1994 didn't work. The GFZ doesn't protect our children and only dis-arms legal citizens from protecting themselves.

    Gun control activist dream of repealing the 2A, which will not happen in our lifetime. Those that dream this don't understand how the possess works and current State and National political layout.
    To repeal the amendment, you did 2/3rds of the House and Senate and the State's congresses to repeal any amendment.
    The 2016 election map; 18 Dem and 32 Repub Governors, which means 33 States would have to agree. When the Democrat find 13 more States let me know.
    I almost forgot... The House you currently need 100 more seats and 22 more Senate seats.

    With the evidence of a failed 1994 Gun Ban and GFZ, even the SCOTUS would be hard press to support another overall Gun ban. Especially after the most recent 2008 and 2010 SCOTUS rulings.

  • It's not the gun that kills, It's the person.

    I understand that gun violence is a huge problem, but making guns illegal isn't going to do anything. My oppinion is that we should give everyone a gun to carry for self deffense purposes. Think about it; is a shooter going to shoot a crowd full of armed people? Why do you think that there aren't any shootings at police stations of army bases? Because everyone is armed. The Sandy Hook shooting should inspire people to be trained to use a gun and deffend themselves against mass shootings.

  • Violence is not good

    Any type of violence is bad and can bring only more violence. There is so many smarter and better options to respond to violence. Every lost life counts, no matter whose. Be smarter, be better, be peaceful. Appreciate your life and life of others. Say no to guns and hurting people.

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