• It Should Be Eliminated

    The primary argument I have seen thus far says that people drink too much and that alcohol is bad for you. Sure alcohol might not be the healthiest thing for you but saying that something like alcohol should be arbitrarily limited by government is like saying that there should be a sin tax on McDonald's because it's not healthy or that there should be special taxes for bungy jumping because it can result in death. Furthermore it is a personal opinion that someone drinks "too much" and is not a valid argument for reducing their alcohol consumption. One man's too much is another's not enough. Not all people are the same and so should not be forced to act the same. I will concede that alcoholism can lead to disruptive behavior on the part of the drunk but it is the behavior that should be dealt with, not the beverage which in and of itself is harmless. Also, sin taxes have not been shown to significantly decrease alcohol consumption as studies from the Adam Smith Institute have shown. Also, the higher the excise tax, the more incentive there is to evade the tax and participate in moonshining which can be dangerous. Overall, the excise tax on alcohol is ineffective at reducing consumption, leads to black market activity and the dangers associated with it, and puts politicians and self righteous teetotalers where they shouldn't be.

  • Too much drinking.

    No, the excise tax on alcohol should not be reduced, because there are too many people who drink too much. Alcohol is the number one thing that is abused in our country. We have too many people who abuse alcohol and it hurts themselves or others. We should tax alcohol a lot.

  • No, we should be using it to drive up the price.

    No, alcohol is bad for you at the end of the day. There's no question about this. If the tax raises the price, that's what we should be doing. That's what a lot of other countries do and it works well for them. We are very addicted to alcohol here in this country.

  • No It Shouldn't

    I do not believe the excise tax on alcohol should be reduced. If anything, society would benefit from a slight increase to funnel more money into health care. I don't mind paying a little extra tax on these items and I don't find alcohol prices to be out of control.

  • No, alcohol is dangerous and should be limited.

    No, the tax on alcohol should remain where it is. The price is what makes it hard to obtain for some people and because it's dangerous, that's exactly what this society needs. Alcohol is not a joke and it should be restricted as possible. I don't believe in prohibition, but I do know it's bad.

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