Should the excise tax on cigarettes be increased?

  • YES, it helps.

    The money from the taxes goes to public health organizations and helps give the incentive to quit. I understand that people are addicted, but there are options, and opportunities for them to quit. If a person quits, that's more money they could use elsewhere, such as putting food on the table for their kids.

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  • Yes, because cigarettes create a public health decrease.

    Since cigarettes have such a negative effect on the public health as a whole, they should be taxed highly. Increasing the excise taxes is a proven way to reduce the number of smokers and solve debt issues for both local and federal government programs. Smokers shouldn't mind paying a little extra to keep up their habit.

  • Don't Tax Sin

    The excise tax on cigarettes should not be increased. Governments have become too reliant on paying for their pet projects with the choices consumers of disfavored products are making. Governments collect plenty of money from us all the time, it should not be in the business of attempting to modify legal behavior through punitive taxation.

  • No, they are already to expensive.

    No, the excise tax on cigarettes should not be increased. Cigarettes are already to expensive. I know that people say that the taxes should be raised because it will prevent people from smoking, but it's just pointless because people will always find a way to support their habit. I know this from experience.

  • We pay enough.

    No, the excise tax on cigarettes should not be increased, because the poor people already pay enough taxes. It is mostly poor people that smoke. Because it is an addiction, they are going to smoke whether you tax them more or not. The money should go to feed their children instead.

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