Should the fact that individuals have HIV/AIDS be made public?

  • Discreet tattoo would be my choice (mot sure if that is considered public)

    If an individual is found to have HIV, they SHOULD be required to get a small standardized tattoo in a place that would not normally be visible unless they are in intimate circumstances.

    I would make regular testing and tagging a requirement if anyone expects health care coverage, either from a public system or from a private insurer.

    This would arguably be a violation of some versions of civil rights, but we are balancing a deadly disease with no cure with a marginal rights infringement.

    If you have a GENUINE religious issue with this, then you should not have been participating in whatever activity resulted in your infection.

  • I believe the fact that someone has HIV/AIDS should be made public because that would help prevent the spread of the disease.

    I believe the fact that an individual has HIV/AIDS should be made public because it is a communicable disease that is fairly easily spread. If others knew that someone had this disease then they would have a lesser chance of getting it and spreading it, due to the fact they knew about it. The only problem I foresee is who and how people access this information. It could be a slippery slope to other diseases, and the information could be used in the wrong way.

    Posted by: MycCra2ii
  • Protecting The Innocent

    For health safety reasons due to the fact that not all sexual partners/encounters are of an honest nature on one-side. If the one individual with AIDS is seeking revenge upon the other sex for their illness, and setting out to infect others, this reason validates why public lists need availability.

  • Any permanent disease should be public.

    The harm has already been done to them. Why should they care? They have it. No need to conceal it. Let others have the right to choose before coming sexually engaged. Not have sex and say well you didn't ask if I had HIV. I know they are supposed to make this clear anyways but still. If they are supposed to tell anyways, then why not make it public?

  • Protect the innocent.

    I believe anyone who is HIV positive should have a tattoo visible only to potential sex partners. It should be a standard and put in the same place on the body on all infected people. This way a potential sexual partner can check that spot for the tattoo. I would be worried that this would discourage people from getting tested, especially sex workers.

  • They wont tell

    We as people should have a right to involve ourselves with those that are infected with the disease or the virus. They wont make you aware or give you a choice! Justice should be dignified somewhere! They need to speak up. We need to save our children from this life threatening disease. Wouldn't you want to know?

  • Endangering safety of others in same sense of criminals..

    Criminal records are made public, that way we know to protect our properties and keep ourselves out of danger. Knowing plenty of people and human nature, no one is going to openly tell you they are a criminal or previous criminal, the same way no one is going to tell you they have a life long sexually transmitted disease, a majority of the people who have it, never were told by the person who transmitted it.. If there is really a love for humanity and the world then yes, people will be identified, it's illegal to knowingly infect others so why not make it public? If you're going to tell the people you care for and expecting them to stay around, then no public record should change that, the people who care will not shun you for it and that's all that matters at the end of the day.

  • The safety of others

    Sex offenders have to register for the rest of there lives even if they were just to minors who had consensual sex with each other, and the fact that if an AIDS patient have sex with someone without protection they could be prosecuted. So I believe whole heartedly they should have to register.

  • I completely agree that people who are infected with aids or HIV should be on a public list, due to it being highly contagious.

    AIDS is one of the most contagious diseases that a person can contract. There are really no external signs of having HIV, so it would be very simple to lie about. I believe AIDS is a lot more dangerous than a sex offender, most of which are on a public list themselves.

    Posted by: G Pitts
  • Aids status of patients should be made public in order to reduce the transmission of the disease purposely.

    I believe that it should be made public because in the past, many Aids patients wanted to make people around them suffer just like they were suffering. Some Aids/ HIV patients purposely have sex with many uninfected people to pass the disease on and in turn, spread the disease out further, extending it to further generations.

    Posted by: RMicheal
  • Make health status public? NO.

    HIV/AIDS is a private health issue and should not be made public. Who else would want their health issues put out like that. We don't do that with hep3 patients. Their is to much of a stigma put out about HIV/aids patients who the are what they how they got it and so on. Putting out or registering PWA's is like registering sex offenders. Next thing you know people would want to tattoo them with numbers and send them to a camp. Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Why should everyone know?

    I see no reason that all people who are HIV positive should have everyone know about it. It cannot be spread through touching or any outward way at all. The only people who need to know would be the person who has the disease, any sexual partners, and the diseased's doctors. The fact that someone is HIV positive can often lead them to be stereotyped. If you don't have a chance to contract the disease, why should you know into another person's private life?

  • An Individual's Privacy Should Be Protected

    An individual's HIV status should not be disclosed to the public under any circumstances. Through universal education of the importance of practicing safe first-aid procedures and sexual acts, an individual's privacy can be preserved. It should be the responsibility of the infected person to disclose their status with others on an as-needed basis. This should not be publicized as those infected may be ostracized and isolated due to their status. We must remember that there are other ways of contracting the HIV virus besides unsafe sexual practices. Some are born with the virus if their mother had contracted it. Those who have the HIV virus should not be treated as a second-class citizen merely because of the status of their health. To prevent this, we should allow them full disclosure of their status as they see fit instead of parading it around publicly. To prevent the spread of the disease, education among high-risk professions and/or high-risk individuals is key. By educating the public, we can prevent the spread of all bloodbourne pathogens and sexually transmitted diseases.

  • I think that individuals with HIV/AIDS should not have to publicize the fact.

    People can be judgmental to people with HIV. Whether we like it or not, some people just do not accept these people into society. According to strict governmental regulations by the ADA act, people have the right to conceal this information. A lot of HIV positive people are discriminated and not hired, shunned, and bullied for their disability. So, they have the right to protect this info to avoid this.

  • Because People Might Fire you Because of it from your Job.

    Firing someone from their job is not the only reason, but people that are HIV positive might be discriminated and judged. I don't think that if it was made public people would not be able to be educated about if you touch that person you won't get it. I mean for many, many, years that has been the common way in which countless disease are spread. Whats to stop this one from not getting in peoples heads?

  • There is Always Universal Precautions, that People should do.

    When you test for aids, and you are hiv positive, it should be a personal choice, especially in schools. Where the chances of receiving are very minimal. This is a universal debate, but at least in America there is the bill of rights protecting the patent's right to tell another person.

  • It's another health issue, that remains confidential.

    HIV/AIDS needs to be disclosed when engaging in sexual activity with another person, however why make it public? It is the responsibility of you, whom is engaging in sex with another individual, to make sure they are clean as well as you. Take responsibility for your own actions. Are you honestly that stupid to take word for someone who admits they are 'clean' without any proof? Furthermore, whether it is herpes, hepatitis C or HIV, it is your responsibility to protect yourself by not making a decision to have safe sex with another person until you both get tested to prove you are both negative. Trust your gut. Not your hormones. People say it will help with sex offenders, whether or not they have a disease or not, they will pursue but don't be dumb enough to end up in that situation in the first place and regardless of their status, they will pursue. And if you choose to be promiscuous, know the facts, get educated in possible consequences and if something goes wrong, you are the only one to blame since you were dumb enough to engage in it in the first place. The only way to make sure, is get tested as well as your partner or random and if not, practice safe sex. Even if you contract a disease while having safe sex with a random, your fault still for trusting a random with your health. You can only blame yourself.

  • I oppose making it public that individuals have HIV/AIDS, as that is their own personal and private business.

    Having HIV/AIDS should not mean that your medical history is known to everyone. Your life should still be just as private as a healthy person's. As long as you are not transmitting the disease to others, then there is no reason that you should have to publicize the fact that you have the disease.

    Posted by: TMacias
  • HIV/AIDS is a private individual health matter, and should not be required to be made public.

    HIV/AIDS is not an easily contracted disease. The only way for transmittance is through bodily fluids. For example, if a person with HIV/AIDS were to have an open wound, then the only way another person could contract it is if they had an open wound. So long as the general population is educated on how to deal with bodily fluids and universal precautions, the risk of transmittance is decreased to a point where a person should be able to maintain their privacy.

    Posted by: ThickBryan60
  • All individuals have the right to keep their health information private.

    Deciding whether or not to disclose one's medical condition is a difficult choice, and everyone must be allowed to make it on their own. In many areas, someone could be ostracized for revealing that they have HIV/AIDS, and there is no compelling public interest to force them to do so.

    Posted by: BrokenMarvin34

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